Kojun: Al Pacino as Vincent Hanna

Wow! I saw this in person. The head and neck…actually turns like the real neck! And the fingers…OMG! They actually move at the joints!!!


What - this is awesome! What is this, a custom or mass produced?

WOW! That is awsome. Looks like a real Person with that neck. Brilliant work. The fingers are the incredible done. This should be the standard for all 1/6 Figures. It is amazing what is possible today in this scale.

I only know that Kojun is the sculptor for Hot Toys. Rumors says that this could be a future release from Blitzway. This should be the standard for Hot Toys movie Figures if I think their prices.

I meet personally with Kojun less than 2 weeks ago, as I was showing him our stuff from FMC. Yes, he did work with HT as the top supervisor for all H.Sculptors at HTs for over 10 years, but now he is on his own like before he started with HT. It is a custom figure. Only 10 of these exists in the world. Very rare and very, very expensive and all sold out. If it is released by Blitzway and Kojun did the HS, which also is a Korean figure company, I don’t think that his customers will be very happy, since this figure costs so much… Let’s just say that it is worth more than 4 or 5 Taowan Humvees…

:flushed: we really talk about 3.500$ up??? Holy Shi…

absolutely beautiful figure. Love how the skin moves naturally and the skin definition on the hands and wrists…phenomenal! As is the price it seems!

I don’t know what you paid for your Taowan Humvees, but I paid way over $1000. Try double your price that you stated. LOL!

Yeah lurpdog, you are paying for the quality. Just the hands alone IMO are worth $2000 each hand. I was just playing with the hands for about 5 minutes and I could have easily played with the hands for 30 min. to an hour alone… NOBODY has ever created this! Or for that matter his neck! Just freak’n beautiful! For the 10 who have this, great for them. One of the owners showed me this. I don’t think Kojun even has one.

Also, you have to remember most customizers crank out 1 figure a year. At most…2 figures. So they have to get the money in order to live a decent life style. Which in Korea means at least $35,000. That is on the low end.

Nothing because i never bought one :smile:. I have only seen this Humvee at a shop for about 850$.

It looks amazing but i would never ever pay so much money for a Figure or anything else in 1/6.

Nor would I…LOL! But there are mania people out there that are willing to shell out the cash.