Kommando Spezialkräfte Marine Combat Diver

Hi Guys,

It’s my first topic here.

Just to present you my last kitbash.

A mix between the SOLDIER STORY SS104 KSM and some loose parts from DAMTOYS 78055 USMC.

Hope you will like it.



Nice work. Love that rebreather and the 60-rounder is a nice touch on the G36!

Great work, really enjoyed watching your YT videos

Thanks guys, glad that you like it.

Thank you Axi for this new beautiful figure … the “marine” equipment is superb. Even though I never liked these smooth shoes … and it’s always a pleasure watching your videos. A plus mec :yum:

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Looks very good. Cool Figure and very nice video. Great use of the diving equipment. Like it a lot :+1:

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Nice, nice figure Axi_run. That 60 round Magpul magazine on the G36 is just sick. I need some of those, lol. Just an all around great bash though.

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me too :smile::+1:. That magazine looks awsome on weapons.

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THANK YOU guys for your kind comments :wink:

For the 60 round Magpul magazine, I use this one from Flagset FS-73008 Masked Mercenaries.

It works on a lot of weapons so.

2nd time I used a MAGPUL mag on my figs.:slightly_smiling_face:

First was to reproduce this French FS operator,

It comes from E&S.


Some nice photos. I love this HK416 A5. Seems the quality is very good from Flagset. The magazine looks very detailed like Damtoys.

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Yes, it’s good quality.

The difference between them is that FLAGSET is mat color and the E&S one is more shiny.

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i am not a big fan of shiny parts so that “feature” from Flagset would be perfect ;-).

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Merci à toi. Tu es sur FB kribe511 ?

Oui, je te laisse même qqfois des commentaires :blush: (christophe beauchet)

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:slightly_smiling_face::wink: Je comprends mieux !!!

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