L1A1 SLR Rifle's (build)

First time posting anything like this for me, so apologies up front if images/wording, etc not as slick as other posts.

Always been a fan of the L1A1 SLR. Wanted to equip all my Dragon Falkland figures with L1A1 rifles. Lack of availability & high price meant to do this I had to create a mould and produce my own copies

Top rifle is original Dragon rifle. Others are copies. Should have removed scope and created a separate mould. Undercuts on scope always meant large air gaps so had to break out miliput, plastic card and sculpting tools, to sort this problem and other ones!. Strap (webbing) & buckle bought from ebay seller. Sling mounts on rifles created using jewellery wire. Bent wire around wooden stirring stick from costa for shape, worked really well.

Very happy with end result. Having taken these photos’s think I will look at finding a better gun metal colour for main body. I experimented with different blends/techniques, hence they do look different, I would like them all to be uniform (well that’s the end goal).

Sorry I never thought to take photos as I went along. I will have to remember on future projects.


Great to have you aboard posting. You have put your modelling skills to excellent use here. Hopefully DAM or another brand takes up the challenge of bringing these rifles back to market. Their history line would seem a perfect avenue for this.

Wow! That is a very good molding job! Great work!

Glad to see that your posting!

Yes I was over the moon mold not that bad on this rifle, was worried the size etc. Got air bubbles, but all fixable with miliput

To get rid of the air bubbles you have to put it in a pressure cooker.