L85A3 Moving to M-LOK

Missed this when it was covered back in the summer but they have been busy redesigning the handguard with a number of changes.

I can’t believe they keep pouring money into that mistake and don’t just start phasing out to and replacing with the m16 family or the 416 like the French did

It does seem like there is little appetite for a large scale replacement of the L85s. I mean they even bought their boffins a 3D printer so they could prototype the replacement handguard to fix the issues with the HK handguard they just paid for. L119A1s have been filtering downwards in recent times as they repurpose all those units that were replaced by A2s. They should just get Colt Canada to work with them on a new service rifle.

I’ve thought the same thing for awhile, di guns are cheaper and most of the major flaws have been worked out, I’m sure the colts have to be cheaper too with the l85 being a mainly hk product as well. And from a training standpoint the c8 would make it easier doing training with US and Canada

To be fair, the new HK-produced iteration of the L85 is much better than the original run (the Desert Storm to OIF era guns that broke repeatedly and couldn’t function in the desert).

And I wonder if, UK politics being the way they are currently, there would be an outrage if the army chose to pivot from a UK-designed weapon towards an American, Canadian or - heavens forbid - German service weapon. Especially now, when everyone in NATO seems to be nervously eyeing the American 6.5mm program to see how it goes.

I think that’s the main thing I’ve read why they stuck with the l85 because they really wanted an in-house design, I guess that’s fair since back in the 50’s the US rejected the round the brits wanted to be nato standard and everyone ended up adopting the 7.62 round instead of the Brit round and FN had to redesign the FAL

I don’t think they care. It has never been an issue really given that you have American, Canadian, and Germany companies supplying them. Like HK did with the L85A3 contact they’ll just run it through a UK subsidiary and the government will proudly proclaim they are supporting a domestic company as they predictably did. That’s the magic of how it turned from a ~19 million USD contract to a ~96 million USD contract.

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