Last kitbash : a CAG in Tactical Flannel Gear.

Hi Guys,

Today I present you a CAG in Tactical Flannel Shirt, inspired by this FB page :

Love his work.

So enjoy it…

Video is here :

Ref pics :slight_smile:


Another great bash Axi.

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Awesome bash there. Really looking good!!!

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Whew, for just a second, my mind projected a PC, pouches, shoes, even the helmet cover, done in flannel. Even a red flannel union suit…

In reality, a real sharp operator!

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THx a lot guys. :+1:

While waiting for the arrival of the CAG fig from E&S 26040A…


I just received the C version.

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Waiting for your pics, so @markie30ab.

From which shop ?

This guy looks perfect as a Sicario - Day of the Soldado CAG operator. Awesome indeed.

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Thank you very much @PitViper.

I haven’t put it together yet. I’m waiting for all 3.

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