Lbx battle belt

Does anyone know if this lbx battle belt has been made in 1/6? I saw a YouTube video on it and it’s really cool, it has an inner belt that’s got a Velcro surface that goes in the pant loops then the gear carrying part secured on the outside by Velcro on the inside of it so there’s no shifting and no need for suspenders and it’s got a really low profile

So far no, most of the battle belts that we’ve gotten so far are much thicker and thinner than this one. The ones that come with the latest E&S CAG figures is probably the closest there is at the moment, although it lacks the inner belt and only has one row of Molle. Still though, it is a step in the right direction.

Luckily, almost all MOLLE battle belts look sorta similar. The ones that DAM makes (and releases with most Russia figures) are similar to this, but much thicker. You can cut into the belt and remove the foam padding, achieving a much slimmer look.

I agree with Weskerfan though, we need more low-profile Ronin Senshi-style battle belts.

Indeed we do, but I would argue that the biggest benefit of a 1/6 ronin belt or one like it is that it would obviate the need for a bdu belts that would otherwise get in the way of traditional BBs, forcing one to rest them directly on top of the bdu belt or directly under it, neither of which is a preferable option.

However I think the biggest impediment to creating senshi belts in this scale would be the molle webbing. The 1/1 version uses two parallel horizontal rows of webbing, and I imagine that it would be difficult in replicate it such that it is still small enough and yet strong enough to withstand the installation of pouches and accessories of varying thickness and width. A task that their current arsenal of fabrics may not be able to accomplish.

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