LEDs in NVGs

As the title suggests, would it be possible to install mini LED lights inside of a pair of NVGs in order to illuminate them? Soldier story have done it with their KSM and Voodoo figures, but in those cases only the eyepieces were illuminated. I’m talking about lighting up the objective lenses, the ones that face outwards. If this were possible, then displays and dioramas could become far more impressive. Just imagine walking by wherever you keep your figures at night or in the dark, and seeing dozens if not hundreds of glowing eyes staring at you. Sure the technical expertise necessary might be beyond the capability of some, but that can be fixed with help from more knowledgeable people, or from websites like this one.

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As awesome as that sounds, you do know it isnt “accurate” i would say it would be do-able but very hard. You would have to drill out the 4 onjective lens and modify the battery/ LED pack into shining the other way.