LEDs in NVGs

As the title suggests, would it be possible to install mini LED lights inside of a pair of NVGs in order to illuminate them? Soldier story have done it with their KSM and Voodoo figures, but in those cases only the eyepieces were illuminated. I’m talking about lighting up the objective lenses, the ones that face outwards. If this were possible, then displays and dioramas could become far more impressive. Just imagine walking by wherever you keep your figures at night or in the dark, and seeing dozens if not hundreds of glowing eyes staring at you. Sure the technical expertise necessary might be beyond the capability of some, but that can be fixed with help from more knowledgeable people, or from websites like this one.


Yes, it could be done. SS did a weapons flashlight that actually lit up when pressed at the handgrip. But I would have to ask Jon (Fullmetal Customs).

That SS flashlight was on the 2 USMC MSOB figures. They didn’t work well, but that could have been because materials were very basic 12 years ago.

That was 12 years ago Mike!!! Wow…how time has flied…LOL!

The NVGs that I plan to modify are the GPNVGs from Easy and Simple. Would I need to replace the objective lenses with the LEDs?

Those are a good choice, they’re huge in comparison to the DAM NODs

The goggles from the SAD figure will go towards my CAG bashes, as they are in black and use the GSGM mounts which are accurate for that unit. For my two DEVGRU bashes, Their unit primarily uses the Wilcox G24 mount for their goggles, So I need ones that work with that mount, that come in black, and are from E&S. But at the moment, the only ones that fit the bill are from the relatively dated Zert Deathridge figure, and parts from that can be hard and expensive to get. So I think I’ll wait for more recent versions, or when the zert NVGs get stocked at a reasonable price. Which is fine for now, since those bashes use GPNVGs that I hand painted myself. I just want to install the LEDs in googles that I actually like.

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