Left handed holster

Does anybody recall the (I think?) German figure that came with a left handed holster a few years back? I’m working on a left handed operator and there are scant few options, but I recall this one.

It was the Soldier Story SS104 figure.


The es dragoon figure , one with prosthetic leg and frozen night


Yes, the SS104 KSM figure.

The Soldier Story U.S. Army Aircrew SS087 and SS091 figures had one. It was black though.

Some older ones too. Hot Toys did one or two, and I think Toy Soldier as well, but it would take some time to figure out which ones.

The Verycool Slavic Warrior has a left and a right hand holster for his pistols.


I know the Toy Soldier Force Recon sets had them in black.


The Damtoys 93009 Reconteam Leader (Bruce Willis from Tears of the Sun) figure had a black nylon left handed thigh holster (large frame).

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DS Toys Zombie Cop (Rick Grimes the walking dead) did a soft imitation leather holster for his revolver. The material is very soft I think you could fit other pistol types.

Thank you so much everybody for these tips, had no idea there were actually a few choices out there

Found another one.

ZyToys Multicam Sniper Suit set. Has a soft multicam lefty holster. I forgot about that one, and I did a review of the set years ago.

ES 26030C has a left handed holster as well.

The new E&S 26049R has a lefty holster. I quite like this one.