LEOTOYS 17001 ASU Hong Kong Airport Special Police Group (1.0 Training Version)




LEO Toys Custom made Body x1
Hand with Tactical gloves x3

Arm patch (flag x1, badge x1)
DannerDFA 8” GTX Tactical boots x1 pair

Ballistic helmet x1
Blue Helmet cover x1
ESS Goggles x1
Bullet-resistant vest x1
Tactical belt x1
SUREFIRE V70 Flashlight holsters (Polymer SpeedHolster) x1
Side-break scabbard x1
Hook x1
Waist bag x1
Waist bag with handcuff pouch x1
Radio pouch x1
Radio push-to-talk button withheadset x1
6004 Tactical holster x1(With OC pouch & multi-tool sheath)
MP5 & pistol magazine leg pouch x1
Advanced tacticalknee pads x2

MP5A3 x1, with:
Low mount
Red dot ReflexibleSight
FAB DEFENSE MP5-RS Tri-railHandguard System
Tactical flashlight
FAB TAL-4 Tactical VerticalForegrip
H&K 3 PointFactory Sling

G17 with flashlight x1
Bullet resistant shield with tacticalflashlight x1
(With battery)
Baton x1
OC foam x1
Handcuffs x1
SMG magazine x3
Pistol magazine x3

Other items
Multi-tool x1
Flashlight x1
Radio MOTOROLA MTP850 x1


Headsculpt Database Caucasian/Hispanic A - J
MP5A3 - Heckler & Koch
Law Enforcement Figure Database

Can anyone make out, if the MP5 has moving charging handle?


It doesn’t look like it to me.


We have too little MP5s with RIS. The one from the Modeling Toys has it, but has no auto fire. The one from DID looks just “bah” and the Zy Toys is total crap to me.


Looks like a copy of the NYPD Figure with parts from the former ASU one. Do not know the manufacture and thd qualtiy of parts. The handcuffy for dxample looks very cheap.


Do not think it will. If i zoom in to the photo there is no space visible in the area of the handle to move it. Looks like solid plastic. The best Version is, like you said and show me, the one from the Soldier Story SS100 Figure. I think this Figure from Leotoys will be no fun if you want quality Parts.


I thought so too, but I guess this will never see the light of day anyway.