Let's put the "action" back into the figure

All actions are controlled in real time using an rc system. Outfit and accessory are from a Minitimes winter combat SEAL.


Amazing stuff man! Cool to see people go to new heights with their figures.


Thanks, it doesn’t look like there’s a lot of interest from the community; (


A far more complicated set of abilities than the initial 1/6 vehicle crewmen I have seen. It’s definitely a different level of “bashing”, and reactions may be limited by others’ preferences regarding what they want out of figures. For my 02 cents, your personal enthusiasm and effort should be the primary focus.

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Thanks. Here are some pictures.


I seen this a few days back and didn’t have time to comment on it. Excellent bit of modeling mate I appreciate the work, skill and effort that’s gone into it. Top job :+1:.


Looks great! Keep up the good work. :smiley:

I love the technical implementation. Your wip photos of the animatronic body are really interesting. This is a lot of work i think. This is something i have seen in theme parks but in 1:1 scale or the good old movie animatronic work just before all the CGI stuff. Keep up this work. You have done something special.

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