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I would like to open a post about 1/6 military figure collectors who showcase their “works” on Instagram.
I hope that the different owners will not be against this sharing (maybe they are already on this forum :blush:)

jademanutd :


Now I do like those Russians.

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Did you really have to link them at this time of the year?

Heh. I have the #legoleaks hashtag favorited for quick access (I am a Lego enthusiast for those who didn’t know!) and it is all but useless right now.

Literally the only thing I use Instagram for.

I suppose that there are some commonalities between 1/6 scale and lego collecting. Perhaps building diorama with the latter could be easier than most conventional methods. As for Instagram, I suppose the argument could be made that it’s useful for finding reference media, if nothing else.

Wow, these look great. Especially the 10th SFG CBRN one. Anybody know who makes the M50 Gas mask?

Holy cow, those are some exceptional bashes. That PKP is an awesome custom piece as well. Thanks for sharing.

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Looks like the DAM one.

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Does anyone know if he 3D printed the stock or made it from scratch?


i want add a new insta : rocketbearmodel (great set of pictures :heart_eyes:)