Looking for Gasmasks&STALKER/Metro Gear

Hey fellas!

I want to build some model, leaned on the apocalyptic STALKER & Metro2033 Games, and i am trying to get some fitting gear for it, especially different gasmasks, best would be russian style?

Can someone point me to some gear? I was already looking at the DID SAS Sean Guy for gear-parts, and Damtoys Mountain Soldier and Stuff, but thats a little bit too modern, so maybe i thought i look around something at WW2, ColdWar Era?

Also if you build something like that for yourself, please post a photo :slight_smile:

Thanks alot!!

Here are some examples:

gas-masks-zombie-apocalypse gp-7vm_gasmask_stalker image-450w-128145257

The Metro games use a mix of masks inspired by Russian models or a mash up of them. There are relatively few modern examples, KGB Hobby did one. For WWII era your best bet would be to search gas masks from DID or Dragon on the likes of ebay and see if you can track down something that suits the look you are going for. ThreeA did some heavily stylized fantasy gas mask influenced from that era as well.

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T CBRN “bunny suit” from DAM’s Naval Mountain Warfare/Naval CO sets might be of use to you, it’s grey in colour and fairly bland looking. I imagine awful chemical warfare clothing doesn’t vary too much from country to country.

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OK i found a real cool and usable gear-set, unfortunatly it isn´t out yet but according to the release date it´s gonna be soon :slight_smile: Q2 2020

In case someone wants to take a look, it is called
The Chernobyl Scavenger 1/6 Scale Accessory Set from QO Toys


QRange seems to be filling some gaps, in “action apparel”.

Alright, i just finished my first kitbash, and this are the results :slight_smile:

I am pretty inspired by games like Metro, Stalker and Chernobylite, maybe some of you like it!

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Maybe this gas mask from the SS110 set will do?

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Looks great!! I will see if I can manage to buy it somewhere, thx for the link :slight_smile: