Looks like the long delayed DAM IDF figure is shipping soon

Cool, I want the CTar and the Car-15 bad.

I’m going to need the boxed figure and an extra CTAR-21. Can’t pass it up.

Adam, can you accommodate?

Shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll let you guys know when I have an actual ship date.

Thank you sir!

The plan is to add the two CTARs to the Bullpup Rifles drawer with the suppressed VTS Black Storm Guard CTAR. One will keep its Meprolight optic, the other gets the ACOG you just sent me.

We’ll see what the production rifle looks like, but I’m not impressed with the prototype Colt Commando. So Miss IDF can keep that as her primary weapon. Though if they’ve actually updated the mold to the AR-15 standards we’ve become accustomed to, I may need another of those too.

That’s actually sad. Great piece, but almost a “good old” one piece mold.

Ehhh…I honestly wonder if it’s a partial recast of an older AR-15 from another manufacturer. It has a lot of hallmarks of DML M16A1-type rifles:

-Thick trigger guard bar
-Single-piece receiver
-Non-functional charging handle
-Fixed fire selector.

Though it DOES have a brass deflector, which none of DML’s M16A1-type receivers have. DML never did a 733/Colt Commando, but the brass deflector is correct for the 733.

If it’s a completely new mold from DAM, shame on them. I mean, a lot of their stuff isn’t as detailed or functional as SS weapons, but they are at least well-molded and crisp-looking. And they’ve done plenty of AR-15-type weapons. This is just a step back.

I think so too. I didn’t follow their production cycle and DML’s so closely, so thanks for all the info and history.
Unfortunately, they should have been further into detail with this. I mean even their MPX had it all and the coming TMP from the FSB Alfa is fully functionally, too.
Sometimes I wonder how they produce weapons close to SS and then release this AR-15 or the AKS74U and AS-VAL with so little detail. Also their MP5s and 9A91s lacked that.

Usually with niche subjects they tend to play it safe and invest less in tooling. Some of the Russian figures were like this, and with this one being both a female figure and a niche subject there are two things going against it. They targeted a price $20-25 lower than the typical male figure as well, leaving it in that middle ground where compromises are made. It seems like they are still trying to figure out who they are marketing female figures to. Their first release had a rifle already preassembled and then you had the Tracy figure which was more in line with male figure releases with detailed weapon requiring assembly. They are going to have a hard time selling the figures to the Phicen collectors as you can’t really transplant bodies, so it would not surprise me if adding a second weapon had as much to do with encouraging more retailers to order the product, since a large percentage get parted out.

I like that box art.

Same here. I’ll definitely keep the empty box.

This one should ship from China early next week putting delivery the following week

That’s great news. Thanks for the update.

Any word on the E&S French guy?

They had it down originally as an April release but mentioned March release, so likely end of month/early April.


When I get home this afternoon, I will review my want list that I keep for upcoming releases and post a thread about it. I think it could be fun for all of us to share what bits and pieces we want from stuff that has yet to be released.

Good idea. There is a lot!