Love Death +Robots S.3 - some specops

I watched it yesterday, on Netflix, and two of the episodes involve special operations units in over their heads.
The first, KILL TEAM KILL, is animated and reminded me of the original Johnny Quest series.
It is hyper-violent, and has an interesting twist regarding inter-agency problems.

The second, IN VAULTED HALLS ENTOMBED, is CGI with very realistic characters. A team is in rugged mountains, following insurgents who have a captive. To complete their mission, the team has to enter a large cave.

The details of gear and uniforms is quite good, and their chatter seems pretty believable, They cycle thru their weapons during engagement. It is on the other end of the spectrum from the first episode.


…yup, have see them, too.
and when i am right it is bradley cooper as team-captain/-leader
from this devgru-cagish-style team in the second “military” episode.
a lot of hk416, glocks,…

The character does bear some resemblance to Cooper, not sure if they scan likenesses or morph some like his.

From Christian Serratos shines “In Vaulted Halls Entombed” cast for LDR S3

“The episode features Joe Manganiello (Coulthard), Jai Courtney (Spencer), Debra Wilson (possessed Harper), Stanton Lee (Dilman), Jeff Schine (Gladstone) and Fred Tatasciore (Bound God) as part of the US soldier team, but it’s Christian Serratos who shines brightest as Harper (the un-possessed version).”

Interesting. I’ll have to check that out.