Low Profile operator outline

I come with yet another outline of an idea for a potential bash I have had kicking around in my head. The character itself has been in my head for years now, but just recently have I contemplated bringing them into being. As the title suggests, this one will be more low profile than my other more militarized bashes. Rather than making low profile setups for all of them, it seems better to relegate that role to only one figure. My working call-sign for them is Chernobog, in keeping with the members of my main Tier 1 team being named after Death related deities and other undead.

In their “civilian” outfit, Chernobog will be wearing some sort of jacket over a shirt and pants with boots. A pistol with suppressor, extra mags, and some sort of knife would be par for the course, though choosing a proper holster might pose a challenge. A discrete backpack would also be reasonable. Some sort of scarf may also be included as neckwear and if needed a facial covering, combined with a hat.

Naturally, the figure will have a tactical loadout, stored within a duffel bag when not in use. Aesthetically, It will take inspiration from Black Powder Red Earth and the Hound Wolf Squad operators from RE8. As with my body guards, I will be going through each different aspect individually, or at least those I’ve figured out so far.

Headgear-Crye airframe from the ES 26029 figure, the one that comes already painted in Multicam Black. The normal NVG shroud would be replaced with a skeletal one from one of my spare Opscore helmets, If possible. A DAM PVS-31 equipped with either Tarsier eclipses or ECOTIs would be ideal for night vision. The battery pack and strobe would be stored in a TNVC Mohawk, with the cable secured by tape on the sides. Communications equipment will consist of spare COMTAC 3s mounted on the rail, connected to a spare PTT and 148 radio. A pair of Opscore Juliet glasses from 26044B and some sort of neck gaiter as with the civilian outfit should round it out.

Attire- MSE Kitanica MK.V in multicam black over either combat/boss rugby shirt with the pants that come with the jacket, or at least the pants from the Soldier Story EXO test-1 figure. Ideally the shoes, pants, and shirt should be shared between the two setups, such that I only have to change out the jacket and add or remove the PC, headgear, jacket, and gloved hands. One of the recent Gangster’s Kingdom figures from last year had a hooded denim shirt which could work as base layer, though a sweatshirt would also suffice. Pants would likely be solid-colored work pants with external kneepads placed over top.

Plate carrier- The Minitimes Multicam Black first-spear STT would be my first choice, as it is both minimalistic and comes in my preferred pattern. A Plateframe carrier, especially the modular one with its laser-cut cummerbunds, would also be good, although those would probably be a better fit for my bodyguard figures instead. The sides would be kept mostly bare save for a radio pouch in order to accommodate the jacket

Primary-So far I’ve been able to narrow down the choices to either some sort of AR-15, or an HK433 with an MLOK handguard (either 3d printed or as part of an future official release). Not sure about attachments, but I’d be fine with mirroring those present on the SR-16s for my bodyguards, with the possible substitution of an NGAL in place of the DBAL. Also worth considering is getting some sort of PDW for more covert work, like an MP7 or Maxim Defense 416 in .300 Blackout. I have a spare T1 that could work, and the BE Meyers MAWL from the recently announced 24th STS figure would be a good fit.

Secondary-A Soldier story Glock 19 from the French SF figure, which will receive extensive modifications; a cut out on the slide for mounting a red dot, replacing the default iron sights with custom suppressor-height versions, one of my spare ZEV magwell, and If possible hydro-dipping the slide to become Multicam Black. Stored of course in a DAM 6354DO with the default wrap replaced with a Multicam Black version from the upcoming Minitimes Seal Team figure, or if I can acquire it, DAM’s Multicam Black fabric. I also have a crye Gunclip, though I’m not sure how well it’d fit on the belt. Only issues I have would be what suppressor I should use since the one included with the pistol got all chewed up by my puppy, as well as how can I give it mags with extended baseplates. Maybe I could pry some off of DAM mags and put them on SS G19 mags?

Belt-laser cut belt from ES 26038R, repainted black and modified to attach to a velcro-lined inner belt on the pants themselves. Besides the 6345DO, there will also be an IFAK pouch as well as TACO pouches for the pistol mags plus 1-2 for the rifle mags (maybe G-Code instead) and flash bangs/smoke grenades. Maybe a knife if there’s room.

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Sounds very interesting, great imagination would love to see that idea come to life mate.