M-ATV Interior DIY-Project

Last fall I bought myself the M-ATV from Go-Truck.
Since then I am spending a lot of effort to create a realistic interior for it.
Just wanted to share the current status - interested in in your opinions :slight_smile:

Original interior:

1st Step - Door painting and attatching door sealings


2nd Step - do a lot of CAD engineering to create all devices …and print them by 3D Printers

3rd step - assembly & paintwork

4th step - assemble into M-ATV

Next steps are:

Rebuild Seats with seatbelts
Build up realistic floor

Thanks for watching :slight_smile:


WOW…this is great!
i wish i had the money for this beast…
perfect rebuilt of the int. so far…go on:-)

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Very nice detailing work to one of the finest 1/6 vehicles made.

@davinator65 you’ll enjoy this, have a look.


Thank you Adam! Splended work there onesixtomy!

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It´s been a while since I announced my next steps…today I am going to show you the results:
I have finished the interior detailling this spring:

Built in middle mounting bracked with radio equipment, battery, cpu, etc…
Rebuild original seats, seatbelts and mountings/attachements
Build up realisitc floor
added a few decorations…
finished turret power unit and remote

Enjoy :slight_smile: !

Middle mounting bracked & floor:



Finished interior:


Amazing work!!! Your custom work raises the vehicle to a whole different level. You should be very proud of your skills and attention to detail. An inspiration to us all.


Super impressive upgrades.

Awesome work on the 3D printed gear.


Holy Sh*t!!! That is a wicked job!!! I am too old, but my Taowan Hummvee is suped up. My M-ATV has very little customs work done on it.


Do you have one of these?

This one is magnetized. Get for Go-Trucks or Taowans.

Give me your address. I will send one to you. Send it to my messages.

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Thank you - the hardest thing was to create all parts in 3D just having a few M-ATV Interior pictures from the web… :smiley:

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Oh that is very kind from you!
But as I am from Germany I do not want to stress your wallet :stuck_out_tongue:
I made one without a magnet, but it would be a easy to print one with a spare place for a little magnet so it will stuck to the turred - thank you - good idea!


Wow…that is a great job!!!

Amazing work! Do you have any more pics?

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Not right now … but I will post more when I made some progress :slight_smile:


That is fantastic work! I’m just a bit jealous!!! You really put in the research and it turned out well. They should look this good from the factory for the price they charge! Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you! You´re right…the price they charge is a bank … But I would rather not calculate how much I have invested in the M-ATV to date :roll_eyes:


I did some detailing on the tower of the M-ATV. Here are a few impressions:


Wow, that is just impressive.

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That’s just amazing! Fantastic! :scream:

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Wow! That is some amazing detail! Absolutely impressive!

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