M-ATV Interior DYI-Project

Last fall I bought myself the M-ATV from Go-Truck.
Since then I am spending a lot of effort to create a realistic interior for it.
Just wanted to share the current status - interested in in your opinions :slight_smile:

Original interior:

1st Step - Door painting and attatching door sealings

2nd Step - do a lot of CAD engineering to create all devices …and print them by 3D Printers

3rd step - assembly & paintwork

4th step - assemble into M-ATV

Next steps are:

Rebuild Seats with seatbelts
Build up realistic floor

Thanks for watching :slight_smile:


WOW…this is great!
i wish i had the money for this beast…
perfect rebuilt of the int. so far…go on:-)

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Very nice detailing work to one of the finest 1/6 vehicles made.

@davinator65 you’ll enjoy this, have a look.


Thank you Adam! Splended work there onesixtomy!

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