M-ATV (M1240A1) Oshkosh - Detail Pictures

Hi Armedfigures Community (expecial those from U.S.) - as you can see I am a little bit nerdy about detailling out my Taowan M-ATV.


After round about 2 years of bulding and detailling my m-ATV out, I have reached the point where I have spotted almoust each and every detail picture in the internet … and I still do have the demand for MORE Dateils :slight_smile:

Thats why I would like to know if there is someone who has, or who can get some morde detailled pictures of an U.S. Army M-ATV - especially from all kinds of warning signs, markings, and labels from the exterior and the interior as well.

You would really do me a favour…and I promis to share my progress :v:
Thank you in advace :slight_smile:


I am not from the U.S. and have no input for you in relation to pictures but your work is really awsome. That must have been an enormous amount of work and money.

Please go on with that fantastic work! :+1:


I to am not from the u.s and also have no pictures. But have to say that your attention to detail is astonishing to me. I also have two 1/6 scale humvees and have scratched built the interior and exterior components from plastic evergreen. I am lost for words! Excellent job mate can’t wait to see the finished product :+1: