M2 Browming Sight holder

Hi Guys,

inspired by the conversation about M2 sights I got inspired to generate a side holder for my M2.

1st phase: design on CAD:
I will use a “common” gun rail from my collection and attach it to the uper notch in my design
Next step will be 3D-printing


Great job on the M2 sight holder!

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Thank you and Happy B-Day :slight_smile:

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Fantastic looking CAD model. It’s interesting that you modeled the geometric texture on the knob. Personally I wouldn’t have spent the time because I doubt it will print at this scale. Great attention to details!

Thank you Makiedog - I am with you with the knob - but it wanted to try out how to model it with my CAD-software (at least it is just a few clicks and some duplication and mirroring) Now I am just waiting for my new Photon mono 4k to figer out how the models turns out :slight_smile: … i´ll post some pictures of the result!

First prototypes…


Fantastic! Really great work there!

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Great work. The 3D CAD-Model looks really great. The prints are really good and it is looking fantastic on that M2. For an 3d Printer below 500€ the results are very good.


That’s a great result. Now you just need to make an MGRS to complement this awesome rail.

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Thank you! That sounds like a challenge :slight_smile: - There are quite a lot of good reference photos on the internet for the sight…but they use anotter mount for the sight…so I am going to have some more hours on my CAD :slight_smile:

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Thank you - the draft print is made on an “old” 3D Printer with a (much) lower resolution than the photon mono 4k has…so I am excited for the printing results with a better resolution on my photon 4k!

Sounds good. The 3D printing gives you an incredible number of possibilities.
I have also been busy with it, but so far I have shied away from buying a printer, Especially since you also have to construct the 3D Modell. I’m a technical system designer for technical building equipment, but I have nothing to do with component design in 3D like mechanical engineering. So i have no idea how to do this and what software is compartible / suitable for this.

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Really cool. Nice work on that mount.

That MGRS is an item on my list to make/source, for a project of mine. A CANSOF HMMWV, with some modified bits.

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Hi turkeyshot - here is my first draft of an MGRS…


Loving that. I can’t wait to see how it turns out printed.

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Looks great too! Love this 3D stuff.

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First Test-Prints…


Damn, dude! A first draft you say? That looks awesome!

How long did it take you to create the design?

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Wow, that looks great for a first casting. Can’t wait to see how it looks on the gun all painted and whatnot.


Thank you - it took a few hours…research for drafts in the internet maybe 2h and then creating it in CAD round about 5-6 h…