I would like to buld this rifle. Is this stock available somehow in 1/6?

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Closest thing I remember is from Hot Toys USMC figure.

Hot Toys USMC II MEF Special Operation Training Group 1:6 Scale M4 Rifle w Sling

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I don’t recall the stock being done other than the one above but Soldier Story did the CASV rail with their Seal Team 10 and EOD US Navy figures. Ace has also done the CASV with their Task Force 88 figure.

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Thanks. I have the EOD rifle but am not satisfied the look. I might try to track down that HT M4, however the stock might not be hollow which would be a problem when applying to a SS M4.

Hot Toys had the stock on their Marine SOTG figure and also re-released in one of their weapon sets. Not sure if anyone else made one.

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Ahh, S_G beat me to it.

Thanks for that link. But the stock is not hollow, I guess. Need to evaluate if a hole could be drilled in to apply it on a SS rifle.

Is this stock painted or comes with another Hot Toys figure? Looks like it can be detached and is extendable

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Looks like that is one Turkeyshot did. Maybe send him a PM over at OSW to find out. The only references I see for that M93 stock are in black from Hot Toys. He usually does a fair amount of modifications with his customs so it is possible he’s done some surgery there.


Same turkeyshot who is on here? I try OSW, but it’s troublesome over there sometimes. Thanks!

Same one. He hasn’t logged on here in quite some months but you can try both. Troublesome is an understatement.

Hi Fellas,
Yes, that is one of mine from back in 2012.

chpo, I have PM’ed you with a few details on the stock. As others have noted, it is from an old HT rifle, and yes, it is custom painted.

Received my stock. Is there a safe method to remove the plastic filling the inside of the stock? Seems to be glued in.

get yourself one of these.

Pin Vise Hand Drill

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Getting close, but I can’t seem to find a scope I am 100% satisfied with

These are up for choice, unless I find others I don’t have or can’t think of right now

:thinking: I wonder how that middle one looks.

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@chpo, wow. You broke that thing down completely. That’s awesome. I am always afraid of taking apart the old SS rifles. Optics are always a hard choice. I always like an ACOG mounted.

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The SRS was my favorite so far, but the EOTech 553 with magnifier is also nice. After I got one stock painted black and the second one beige, so I am having options, I will put on all the sights for a final review.

The disassembly was needed to fit the Hot Toys stock and combining Soldier Story Gen 1&3 M4s.

No problem breaking them down, but I know what you mean though. All the weapons made around 2010 and earlier are usually quite rough and edgy. Much more likely to break sth.