Okay. I see now that the part I was looking at was more of just the shroud. That is one of my favorites. I need to unbox my EOD and get him back on display.

I know what you mean about the early SS rifles. The early ones are a pain as it seems the pins were bigger then the holes and forced in. The new ones can be broken down very smoothly.

You mean the SS055 EODMU? Thinking about buying that for a mannequin. This figure is still everywhere available, but highly underrated in my opinion.

I have the SS013. That one is a good figure. I never bought the full 055. I did use his flight suit for my SOAR figure I kitbashed.

That’s it.

Anyone any advice on how to make or get the flared magwell?


With SRS

Sight’s rail adapter is too tight though and would need filing. Hard decision, hence it might not be useable for other rifles anymore.

That looks really good, chpo! You really had to hack up a lot of different parts - your hard work paid off!

(As an aside - does anyone have that foregrip available for sale/trade? PM me if so.)

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Wow, that turned out really well. Great job chpo. No idea on how to do the magwell though. Customizing is not my strong point.

That’s the ES Skipper one, unfortunately I have only one.

No problem,thanks. I’ll still make some changes though. Thinking about panting the stock and swapping the scope. Also adding a laser. Will post more pics when updated!

Looking good Christoph! A nice clean build all round, mate.

Good choice going with the ARMS rear sight. It complements the CASV rail perfectly. I would suggest that you don’t quit yet: throw a little paint at her. I would paint the stock in a 2 tone scheme similar to the pic in your original post. For the optic, I’d go with the Eotech, personally.

Finally, regarding the flared magwell, I made mine from scratch using some styrene sheets and a little milliput. It was pretty fiddly and took quite a bit of work. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not comfortable with modelling.

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Thanks Jason for your intel and opinion. I’ll definitely paint the stock black, but I have a second left I’ll give a beige tone for a two tone scheme so I can switch.

Well, I have to figure something out then. Yours is well done though and really adds something even more unique to it!

Opted for this now. Scope is really the hardest choice.

By the way, I wish I would have a weapon light like yours with the csble attached in black, but it only exists in green and beige, I think.

She is really coming together now. That variable scope looks great.

You could always paint one of the tan/green painted taclights black if you can get you hands on one. If you do, plug the inside of the light with blutac to mask it so it doesn’t also get sprayed with the black.

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You having any new projects at the moment?

Hey Christoph, I always have something in the works. Nothing new at the moment though - just a bunch of older projects which I need to find time to finish off one day. Here’s a list of a few of these projects…

  • DSA SA-58 OSW
  • SIG Sauer SIG-556 HOLO
  • SIG Sauer SIG-551 + SIG-GL-5040
  • Lithgow Arms EF-88 Austeyr
  • IWI Tavor GTAR-21
  • FNH Mk-17 SCAR Sniper
  • Magpul MOE M4
  • LMT MRP M4
  • VLTOR M4 CASV-EL (yes, another one!)
  • Rogue Juggernaut M14 bullpup
  • Springfield M14 DMR
  • Springfield M1A + McMillan MFS-14 stock
  • HK UMP
  • Armsel Striker shotgun
  • Saiga 12k shotgun
  • etc…
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That’s an impressive list turkeyshot. Hopefully you’ll post pics of some of those in the future.

How is it going with your projects?

Nothing new to report, I’m afraid. Life has kept me busy and away from the workbench. I’ll share some progress once I make some.

I have never been completely satisfied with the outcome, so here is my new version thanks to the SS112:


  • M4 Rifle
  • SOCOM Gear Lancer L5 AWM 5.56×45mm (30rd) x5+1 SS112
    • Magpul Magazine Pull ACE
  • Trijicon ACOG Sight SS013
  • A.R.M.S. #4 Stand Alone Flip-Up Sight SS101
  • Streamlight TLR-2 HL G Gun Light and Green Laser w/ Switch SS112
  • CAA EVG (Ergonomic Vertical Grip) SS112
  • Sling SS101


Extended stock

With Magpul

Spare stock to paint in TAN one day for having different color options


Looks great. Especially the Magpul M93 stock is cool and something different. The grip form the SIG is nice for this one.

I am late to the party on this one. Awesome mods everyone.

The M93 Stock was offered on a few early Hot Toys USMC figures as mentioned. One was the MEF II (Wesley Snipes headsculpt, in desert tan flight suit, also came with the Ltd Ed SOCOM 16 rifle) figure with the camo painted M4 and Simunition gear, and I think another earlier Marine in both green and desert camo options as well.

Dr.Figures (the kings of recast) copied the HT stocks out of both cheap plastic, and resin on their rifles, and they suffered from some molding issues, and details were lost. They did them in both black and tan versions. And the paint apps were awful too. But they were a way cheaper alternative than hunting down a hard to find(think more expensive) Hot Toys rifle and cutting it up for parts. I imagine the shop that carried a lot of the brand is still kicking around. I’ll see if I can find some of the Dr.Figures versions, as I scored them on auction on Ebay super cheap a long time go.

These stocks were also from the time when the early HT rifles were bigger than they should have been scale wise, which will now translate into a stock that is probably a big too big to swap onto current manufactured set rifles to look accurate.