Macmillan Tac.50 help

I want to give my CAG a suppressed Tac. 50 in black. But of the 1/6 versions that do exist of that rifle, none of them come in that exact configuration. So in order to get what I want, I have two options. The first and likely cheapest avenue is the Tac. 50 set from ZY toys, which does come in black but doesn’t include a suppressor. The second option and costliest option is the set that comes with the E&S 26031A figure, which includes the suppressor along with of the accessories that I would want for such a rifle (12-42x56 power scope, clip-on NV/Thermal sight, a bipod and extra ammo), but is painted in a desert pattern. For the ZY set I could simply get a loose version of the E&S suppressor, but I’m not sure if they’ll fit. As for the E&S set I would have to only have to paint everything in black then top coat It, and I would be good to go. So which route should I take?

Paint it! It is not as daunting as it seems. Disassemble it as far as possible and be liberal with masking tape to protect the areas you don’t want covered in paint. For best results, use spray paints. Flat black for plastic and metallic black for all ‘metal’ parts. You can add any final touch ups at the end with a brush, steady hand, and thinned paint.

Thank you for the input! I was leaning on the E&S set myself , but I just wanted to get a second opinion before I started buying anything. Also, do you know if the version of the NF 12-42x56 scope with the picatinny rail on top that came with the recent NSW sharpshooter figure will fit on the Tac. 50? Because I’ve heard that that specific scope has trouble fitting on the MSE MRAD.

I would note that more than half of the camo TAC50’s I went through had assembly issues with the scope rails and the forward rail on the barrel being glued out of alignment. The non-camo one they released separately as a weapon set that may be a better bet as I didn’t have any issues with those.

I recall you mentioning such issues, although I can’t recall where. Understand that the reason I mentioned those specific rifle is because it has a suppressor and a forward rail. The other versions made by E&S lack those features. So I am willing to accept those risks, as I have no other alternatives. Even if I do get a set with those issues, it would be better to remedy them myself than to wait months or even years for an all black version of that same rifle to be released, if it even gets made at all.