Magic Cube M-051 Russian Spetsnaz Officer FSB Alfa (Assault Shield)


Altyn helmets with bulletproof glass mask

vx600 Radio

3 hole balaclava
Gorka E Autumn Mountain Division gowns + pants
Fluorescent Recognition arm sleeve
Short-sleeved t-shirt

Twill Molle defender-2 black bulletproof vest (with a girdle)
radio pouch
Rapid Reload AK mag Pouch x4
Double AK Mag Pouch
Double Pistol mag pouch
RGO attack grenade x2
Double Grenade pouch
BACK pouch
FSB patch
flag patch
Magazine dump drop pouch
Tactical Drop Leg MOLLE Platform

Russian AK-104 Assault Rifle
75round drum Magazine x1
AK47 30rd Magazine x8
SpecterDR Weapon Sight
Quick Detachable Double rail AK Side Mount
SF-m962 tactical lights with tail line switch
US mod grip
stock cushion
AK gun sling

Stechkin APS automatic pistol
Leg pistol holster
Pistol mag x3
Pistol magazine pouch

RGO grenade attack x2
noks Dagger x1
noks dagger sets
x-boots boots
VANT-VM heavy shield

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Very late reply here, but is there any word on the quality of this set/similar? Also, is the helmet accurate? Any advice is appreciated.

There should be better informed members than me, but all the MCToys cloth items and the shield are well done. As from what I know, the MC Altyn is more accurate than the DAM one. Only the mic material is kind of rubber like, which gives an unrealistic touch and it damages the paint when in contact for too long. Maybe you read sth about this in AdamC’s earlier thread regarding materials and mint in box.
The weapons are kind of behind Dam, SS and ES, but quality is alright/bearable. They had at least the first fully functional AK-105 on the 1/6 market and it’s still unique with the butt pad.
RGO grenades were unique too till Dam announced its 78066 with RGO and RGN.

If you are into this and see a set, grab it. Should be rare by now.

Here a review of the shield:

Awesome, thanks for the info. I found one online so 99% chance I’ll snatch it up.

Glad I could help. Probably good to know that posing the figure with the shield might be difficult in certain poses and it’s very heavy.

Closer look at the helmet and grenades here in the middle and at the end of the review:

Interesting. I may have to improvise a sling/harness for the shield in that case. Thanks for the reviews too!

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I have this set and can vouch for its quality. The one thing about it is the camo pattern of the Gorka suit. I haven’t been able to find any source on it, nor confirm that such pattern has ever been used by Russian or Eastern European armies. Has anyone else heard different?

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Good to know. Regarding the Gorka suit, from what I’ve heard the suit is only issued in a solid-colour scheme and fades rapidly. All Gorka suits with camouflage patterns are produced commercially and with the huge selection of gear producers/knock-offs out East I guess it’s possible the MC Gorka is based on a real one… I would have preferred a more normal looking pattern however.

Shield is super heavy. But excellently constructed. Its a great set. I love mine.