Magic Cube x FacepoolFigure M-082 Russian Battle Angel "Анна"


Femlae Action Body
Gorka Jacket
Gorka Pants
Striped Shirt
Tan Hoodie
Combat Boots

Defender-2 Armor Vest
Smersh Assault Rig
AK Mag Pouches x2
Flares Pouch x2
Butt Pack
Medic Pouch

Altyn Helmet

AK-105 Rifle with ZenitCo PT-1 Klassika Stock
Texas AK Scope Mount
Zenit Handguard Rail Set
Noveske Flash Hider
AK Mag x5
EOT EXPS-3 Weapon Sight
Perst-3 Weapon Laser
Tactical Switch
Zenit Flashlight
Zenit RK-4 Grip
Zenit B-9 Rail
AK Sling

APS Pistol
Drop Leg Platform
NR43 Dagger
Dagger Sets
Flares x2
RGD-5 Grenade x2

The first ZenitKa stock is coming, but neither with DAM nor North Battalion. It’s Anna and at least it looks like MCToys improved the quality of their plastic items. Furthermore, they added a unique Russian laser!
It’s not specifid in the images, but hopefully you won’t only be able to adjust the stock in length, but also the height of the cheek piece.

Also, let’s see if the changed the rubber material from the Altyn mic so it won’t cause a chemical reaction with the painting anymore, which kind of melted the color.

Disappointing they kept this as a female figure as this would have sold much better as a male figure. Nice to see they have beaten every other brand to the most iconic Zenitco accessory, the PT1 stock. I assume DAM will announce their version in a few weeks now.

The problem is the plasticizers they use to make their rubber-like materials softer so the material is flexible. Same problem with the scope covers on their FSB figures, so if you have that one you might as well get rid of those covers as they ruin the scope. It’s a common problem with plasticizers when they come into contact with another plastic surface, they leach out causing an oily mess. You see the same problem with some keyboard cables for example when they are wrapped around the keyboard casing. The problem can be minimized by using alternative plasticizers. Too much junk material is used in this industry, avoid getting that stuff on your hands if you ever have to clean it up as some plasticizers are extremely unhealthy.


Good to know!

Reminds me on the DID SWAT gas mask as well which partially killed my headsculpt painting.

Definitely, that to know is even better!

Definitely like this figure and will buy one boxed set for sure. There are only two things I do not like; one is the headsculpt, which looks way too silly for a real female soldier or militia (I’m thinking of an Ukrainian separatist here). Personally, I like the head from the ACE Playgirl Vietnam figure (#13029),ACE%20Playgirl
it has a kind of scowl that IMHO makes it perfect for a military female figure.

The other item I don’t like is the boots; that has nothing to do with their quality, its just that I’ve never been a fan of cloth boots.

Other than these two issues, I think SuperMC Toys deserves an applause for releasing this. Now if they could release this SPOSN Smersh rig and the Gorka in male figure size that would be awesome.

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So MC Toys turned Elena Deligioz into a figure now

Yeah it’d be an exceptional release were it not for the choice of being a female figure imho. That AK is rockin and all the other items look like they are of great quality.

One onesixer, who’s Russian military, has met the girl DAM used for their paratrooper figure. He said she’s the real deal. This Elena Deligioz is acknowledged as a model, and this is more fanboy fem figure stuff. I have no issue with female military, I just wish Dam and the others would do male grunts, too. David Dunn (Dave70b) and I were talking about this, Tues night. A lot of us would like to see them do something like the VDV in Crimea figure again, as well as Afghanistan and Cold War Sovs.
Problem is, these outfits get the bit in their teeth, and grind out SOF (and now fem) stuff,that gets repetitious.

If they did so, that’s quite a poor job…the lady in question is a lot prettier than the figure.

The only grunts sadly seem to be coming from the half naked woman riding a hot dog.

MC Toys could’ve done a female Russian medic instead. Found a picture of two of them posing for a pic while wearing a Level 7 Ratnik EMR uniform with 6sh112 vest in VSR98 with a standard issue 74 and Soviet-era shoulder medical bags slung over them. Add a backpack to finish it off.

I know, not as sexy as a black clad SOF unit operator or a scantily clad fem figure that sells but Dam was cranking out the Russian figures and then apparently came to a halt. Still hoping for a standard Russian grunt or even VDV again but it doesn’t look good.

I recently received the Osprey book “Armies of Russia’s War in Ukraine” by Mark Galeotti. One of the plates illustrated a female sniper serving in the pro-government militias. Her name was Amina Okuyeva, a Chechen physician who served with the Donbas battalion. I think the uniform and gear on this figure could be used to bash her. A Google search also shows her wearing woodland camo, UCP & Multicam uniforms. Interesting story indeed and inspiration for a bash.

I can’t wait for this to come out. I am curious to see how good the paint apps will be on the face. Seems like something different. Definitely getting one set.

Few pics, figures in hand (source bbicn)

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The accessories are good, a female character why not, but those awful lips with too much “varnish”, it’s a shame … :weary:

Headsculpt looks like the sister from the Joker :smile:.
The equipment and weapons looks good. But the head is not the best choice.

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Looks really nice. Can’t wait for my preorder to arrive. Thanks for posting these pics.

I agree with @krisbe511 and @Col.Braddock that they really messed up that head sculpt, looks like the wirst of a Chelsea smile, botox accident and an awful paint job! The gear looks great, though. I had been thinking sbout buying this one, now I’ll have to re-think and look for an alternative HS, at least…

few more pics…

I didn’t pay attention, but there is no patch on this figure …

and last pic…