Magpul FMG-9 ShotShow 2008


Wonder if this one properly works. I have seen lots of prototypes and ideas that just didn’t function in the end and never went into production.


He paints himself with the muzzle, a lot. It’s always good to have sufficient recourse, in a sudden, bad situation, but this, over a regular handgun? What sort of extreme threat is he encountering, and do they give him enough time to deploy that?
I’d like an opportunity to try one, on a range.


Might be still faster though than drawing from a holster. But if you are encountering any malfunctions like some parts getting stuck or jammed and it doesn’t unfold properly, you are screwed. Probably more of a gag like the HK Operational Briefcase.


Not too fan of this kind of accessory, is there a real interest to hide his weapon, but as it happens in the United States, they have absolutely not the same conception of the use of weapons than at home , in Europe. And yes, it is surely very “fun” to try on a beach or in a shooting range …:slightly_smiling_face:


I recall when this video came out. I can’t believe its been 11 years.

Since its so famous in Rainbow Six Siege I am surprised we have not seen one in 1/6 yet on either the GK figures or random companies with one of their scantly clad female figures.