Magpul Masada Rifle

In 2007 Magpul started their Masada project with the target of producing an enhanced replacement for the M16 rifle. The Masada was designed as a modular platform with versatility in mind. The two key components to the system were a quick change barrel system and a replaceable lower receiver. Two worked in concert to allow a quick change between 5.56 and 7.62 caliber options. The quick change barrel was also designed to allow for standard, CQB, and DMR barrel lengths, eliminating the need for separate rifles. Designed as a lightweight rifle, the popular PMAG also originated with this rifle.

The rifle was licensed to Bushmaster (related brand Remington would also market the rifle) in 2008 and with some changes it was reborn as the ACR. Bushmaster entered this into the US Army Individual Carbine competition which sought a replacement for the M4, but that program was later cancelled. It lives on in the civilian market but has never really fulfilled it’s promise as a modular platform. The ACR stock and hand guard remain popular, with the ACR stock being a popular modification for FN SCAR rifles, and the RAHG hand guard design being adapted to the HK 416 rifle and subsequently made famous by Seal Team 6 member Mark Owen.

The Masada has been reproduced in 1/6 from two brands to date. Sideshow released the OD version of the rifle with their Cobra Viper GI Joe figure, and Comanche Toys released a set of five variations of the rifle with Magpul’s original MOE hand guard as well as the RIS rail. Remington’s RAHG ACR hand guard has had a 3D print model done by OSW member Delusional. Typically Sideshow’s rifles are overscaled compared to other brands making them a poor choice, but in this case they are pretty much the same scale as Comanche. Comanche’s effort is a pretty basic rifle without the more detailed moving bits, but it captures the subject well enough.

I am always asking myself how much thought companies put into a rifle that’s designated to replace another, but in the end just fails.

Nice write up. Unfortunately the Comanche rifles could have been better. Hope another brand will do them, but I doubt it.
I also hoped for the XM8 one day, because the DID version was so horrible.

If it isn’t a common rifle that can be reused with other figures you usually end up with a middle of the road quality piece, especially with ones sold separately as boxed accessory sets. I’m ok with the less detailed models as long as the price point as reasonable.

The early DID modern rifles were pretty poor, very over sized. I remember getting one particular model, I think it was an M14 and wondering what the heck they were thinking.