Marsdivine A-001/002 Modern Military Series Russian Special Forces

New products coming with marsdivine… Russian Uniforms


Interesting to see them stepping into this era. They’ve released two different WW2 Soviet Cossack sets, full uniforms, arms and equipment. I have one, and it’s well made, with decent fit.

Pretty cool sets, especially for those who missed out a few years back when the Dam Dagestan and Beslan figures were being parted out. Hopefully they keep this trend up and also release some post WWII weapon sets too.

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How much did these sets retail for? There’s a seller on the bay selling for $100 which I think is crazy…


I don’t know if they’ve even been released yet. They’ve announced a second set of KLMK camo but as for this set, nothing but Pre Orders still. In fact almost all the announcements that was made at the end of 2019 and early 2020 still haven’t shown up yet.

I’ve bought a set that randomly popped up! Hope quality is good…