"MARSOC ATV DUO" by 9.11Adam from BBICN



Looks awsome. I love this ATV. If you look for ATV in 1/6 in only know the one from ZYToys. But this is not worth the high price. Fantastic littel vignette and also the weathering is top.


Yeah…I kinda agree. The shock absorbers are not that good. I have newer pics, but have not taken them yet/


Wow, awesome work with both ATV’s.


Well done. :+1:

Looks like the Elfbait arm for the M240, among other mods.

There are other brands of ATV available, but this ZY Toys one is the most accurate. But it comes with that price tag.

The Ertl Polaris ATV is next I think. The rest are just heavily modded ATVs to look like military versions.

I also have an RC Yamaha Raptor, and a Race Image Kawasaki Mojave that could be used. SirEaton Flipflop on OSW did an amazing mod to a Mojave. That one was heavily modded, and looks amazing.


I have seen the review and photos at OSW. Also the revised version from Delusional. This Model is a good start for an ATV but too expensive for what you get. For about 80€ to 100€ it would try it but 187€ (shop in France) is a bad joke.


great photos and awsome work at the end. The MG with brackets should be included for that price.


What are you talking about? I give all the brackets and pins.

Just get this instead:

It is made by a member here. Delusional or Mark. It is very good, although NO pins or mounts (below an extra $25). His price is comparable to mine and his does not include the 240 or SAW.


I mean the Original Product from ZYToys. There is just the
Frontguard includet with the model without any brackets for weapons.


The parts from Delusional are really cool and look very good. Great improvement for this ATV.

There is a very cool 1/35 Version of the Polaris ATV from Live-Resin. There are also many accessories parts and Figures avaiable for this to make cool looking SF Version. Something like this please in 1/6 :smiley:



oh, i see… yeah, for that price you are right, but the weapon…what do u want to put on it? 240, SAW, 50 cal.? all different choices…


I think the more “Standard” Configuration would be the M240 or a 40mm grenade launcher from what i have seen at photos. The M240 can also been used by one Soldier without the ATV. But like you said it dependents on your personal choice. I think many people would be very happy if a bracket for the M240 would be includet :smile:. Also this weapon is not so expensive in 1/6 and E&S provides one really good version. You have done an fantastic job on the ATV with the extra parts from Delusional.


LOL! No, my swivel mount is made by Kim, not Delusional. I have one of Mark’s and it is very nice, although not mounted or painted.

Here is Kim’s kit:




Wow. Fantastic little kit :+1:. Looks awsome and you can use an M240 or the SAW. YES!!! Were can i get one :smiley: ?. Before i need the ATV :smile:.


LOL! You can contact me. Comes with all the pins. And yes! M240 or a SAW. Although you would need to get the extended SAW not the short version.

I only have one left… 24 he made about 2 years ago, and now I am selling the last one… I am debating whether to go for another run… Delusional is out there and his are damn good!