Marsoc rifleman

Excuse the photos, they keep uploading sideways
Anyway, my first bash in awhile, been busy with work and just buying a house


Iphone by chance? There is a bug with their image resizing feature when uploading that results in the image orientation metadata in the photo being removed. If their photo app allows a smaller megapixel option that would be a work around, there is a hard limit of what i can enable here for a max image dimension/size due to how the resizing algorithm works as well as server side limits.

Congrats on the house purchase.

He looks great! Those ES Cryes look great, as well as the PVS-31s. Congrats on the house too.

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Thanks! It’s been hectic but finally settling in enough to get back into the hobby

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It is an iPhone, I’ll try that next time, and thanks!

Great bash Woody, I’d also like to congratulate you on the home purchase.