Masked sniper

This was one I “put together” after reading a review on the Steyr SSG 08 sniper rifle. The author of the article was dressed in multicam and wearing a death mask face mask. Unfortunately my Loading Toys Deadmask didn’t sit well on the head sculpt, so I opted for their Mr. Scar Hotmask instead. I mean what was I to do, what with all this loose gear lying around. Smoke effects from another 4th of July smoke bomb purchase. Have to add a few clips to the vest and a “fanny pack” to the back.


Here’s the breakdown Enjoy:

Body: BBI 2.5
Mask: Loading Toys
Soldier Story Eagle CIRAS Maritime vest
Soldier Story Oakley Desert boots
Headset is [I think] also from SS
Holster and Sig from DAM or SS
I didn’t have a Steyr, so I went with a Remington MSR Modular Sniper Rifle instead.

Bravo out