Masterpiece SAR-21 rifle

In case someone wants it. It’s quite rare nowadyas, but lacks any moving parts and you have to glue the mag in.
I would like to have a SAR in my collection, but spending this amount of money for so little function and only the visual treat kept me away.

These are quite nice considering they are resin. I feel the same way, usually shy away from the resin weapons unless they are relatively low priced like some of the ZCWO ones. Still waiting for a proper Desert Tech SRS to be done but at least the ZC ones could be found for around $10-15.

That wasn’t too bad either. I considered buying it too, but I made the experience that after some time I tend to ban weapons from my collection that look too cheap. It destroys the whole picture for me.
Maybe a great modder could do wonders on this SAR.