Meanwhile in Talibanistan...

Recent images caught my eye in the past week, namely the toting of a LOT of Arma-like rifles and carbines, by the usually Kalashni-carrying gomers. Some of this stuff includes newer add-ons and optics.

Of even more interest, is the possibilities of bashing up some conjectural figures representing operators from Task Force Pineapple, and Task Force Dunkirk.

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Who needs fundraising when you get all this free :poop:


I wonder where the Multicam came from. I’m not aware of any ANA or police units that use/used MC, only grey/M81/Tiger stripe. It doesn’t look like something OCP the Americans left behind either. Raises some interesting (and disturbing) questions, unless I’m missing something

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You can buy Multicam everything anywhere these days… they likely got them the same place they bought their woodland M65s.

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Those particular “operators” are a CPD for Haqqani VIPs. Considering the funds raised by drug crops, mineral rights concessions and support by a number of nations, this bunch can access just about anything.


With the rapidity that local ANA forces folded/joined forces, it’s no surprise that they have suddenly seen a lot of Western style arms added to the gear profile. Some high end stuff there.

Some DiD Afghan figures could be easily upgraded to fit the ref pics.

Seems like the Taliban and Haqqani Network are setting up some “elite” Units like Badri 313 and “Red Unit”. From what I have read, they’re more like shock troops and not an equivalent to Western SOF units, at least not yet.
Surely, they have come across supplies from abandoned ANA bases and storage. Supposedly, Pakistan has also aided. Plus, as has been said, with all the opium trade and smuggling, the Tali finances seem to be quite abundant…

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I guess this is the end for AOR1, Afghan-inspired PMC/operators and Woodland Marine figures. I presume we will get more multicam, tropical and arid camo in the future.