Micro Tavor anyone?


I think I have one of those, maybe from an old Big Lots PT figure. Sort of flat, as I recall.

I wish DAM would do one of those one day.

@davinator65 could you maybe post some close ups of your custom micro tavor? Curious about the detail.

I have one…it was on OSW…


That is a really neat custom piece. Serial # 1/1 isn’t it?

Yeah, Adam… I have the only one in existence… Kim finished this one and was planning to make some more, but like all projects of Kim…it got delayed…THANK GOD!!! LOL!

Fire selector and safety switch functional?

No, all molded. Nothing functions.

Yeah these are hand sculpted out of resin so while they may lack the bells and whistles of new releases they have to be admired for the art that goes into them. This is how most of the early 1/6 weapons were done, via resin masters.

A handsome piece.
This weapon could be done as a family in the various variants, by someone like E&S. It would do well, I think.