MIL 668002 US SOCOM Automatic Rifle

SCAR L - CQC 5.56mm in Flat Dark Earth x 1 New
SCAR L STD 5.56mm with 40mm grenade launcher in flat Dark Earth x 1 New
MiL SCAR Features:
Side folding stock with 3 position retractable stock and 2 position cheek piece
Flip up front and rear sight
EGLM Grenade Launcher w/ slide in rail action x 1
EGLM Launch tube can be slide out and pivoted either Left or Right
ACOG Scope w/ 1 x red dot optic sight x 1
Duel laser sight for EGLM w/ positional lens covers x 1
Single Point Assault Sling in green x 2
ERGO HUSKY Fore Grip x 1
SCAR 5.56mm Magazine x 4
40 mm HE shells x 3
SOCOM Sound Suppressor / Compensator New