Mini Times Boots to E&S Feet Pegs?


I like Mini Times M017 Seal HALO Navy Special Forces boots a lot but I would like to use them on one of my male Easy&Simple bodies. Does anybody know if Mini Times boots fit Easy&Simple male early and late bodies´ feet pegs?.


I haven’t tried any of their boots, but since they are made by Very Hot/SuperMCToys they should follow the same as those and use Hot Toys ankle peg sizing. First generation ES bodies follow Hot Toys sizing for ankle peg, second and later generation are larger than Hot Toys. The size difference with the ES second gen ankle pegs may mean they may want to pop out of the MT socket. Hopefully someone else here has more experience with them.

A while ago on one of your previous posts, you mentioned that ACE feet fit on E&S 2.0 bodies, and that DAM and SS feet are apparently too small for that body. But given that DAM has come out with a new body with differently-sized foot pegs since then, I want to know if that previous statement still holds true.
I ask because loose ACE feet are hard to locate, and I’d prefer not to spend a fair bit of money on a whole body just for the feet. Especially if those from other brands can work just as well. Even if not, the pegs can always be thickened or sanded down to fit them.

A good idea for testing. Tested with two spare feet from the newer DAM bodies, one that was looser fitting on the DAM pegs and one that was normal tightness. Normal one cracked the ankle cup, the looser one didn’t crack but you could see stress marks on the sides of the ankle cup. Otherwise it was fine with the ES body. With some sanding work to the ES peg you should be able to make a secure fit that doesn’t crack the ankle cup. It would be nice to see ES offer a factory option for spare feet. These days spare feet seem to sell for what we used to sell bodies for.

That would probably be a good option. While I have your ear, I would like to know how the soldier story 2.5 feet with bendable toes fit on the Dam 3.0 bodies. I ask because I want to give one of my figures high heeled dress shoes, and I’m not sure that the normal Dam feet will work.

They do not. Soldier Story pegs are smaller in diameter by a fair bit.

But if I sand down the Dam pegs enough, will they fit?

I mean sure if you remove enough material with a Dremel and can maintain the peg shape. Getting something similar in Hot Toys sizing would be less work as there would be less material to remove.

Ok, I’ll just use hot toys feet instead.