Mini Times HK416 D (Navy SEALs Winter Combat Training)


Item N°

Mini Times

  • M011


  • HK416 D :de:
  • Magpul PTS PMAG 5.56×45mm (30rd) x3+1
  • L3 EOTECH EXPS 3 My choice: ELCAN Specter DR 1x/4x
  • L3 EOTech ATPIAL (AN/PEQ-15) w/ Dual Switch
  • SureFire M300
  • FORTIS SHIFT Vertical Grip
  • Sling

This is the rifle only, I had no expectations of anymore after I saw all the rants in the Mini Times M011 thread. But I have to say I like this one a lot. Admitting, I changed the scope and laser for SS095 parts, which are adding some more quality though.

You can disassemble it like any high quality 1/6 rifle and they even added a spring. Only drawback are the rails which seem to be glued onto the handguard.

A closer look

Stock and Enhanced Butt Pad

Magpul logo

Receiver with grip, fire selector is not movable

416 V3/4 grip

Working charging handle



Looks like the rails are glued onto the handguard


Camo mag is highly deatailed

PMAG 30 and bullet count




Ranger plate is glued to the mag

Bullets are sloppily painted

These are the actual spare mags, but they have no detail…

…so I ordered replacement from Mini Times

Dual switch

Laser (SS)

Laser (Original)

Weapon light

Uploading: IMG_6158.JPG…

SHIFT grip


L3 EOTECH EXPS 3 (Original)

Cheap quality




Geared up

Needless to say that there are several quality and functional flaws like the painting, fire selector and handguard rails. Also the detail is sometimes smudged and just not so crisp. However, it has detail and due its winter camo and my change in gear it fits perfectly into my collection. With the Fortis Shift they are even adding a new part to 1/6.
No doubt the full figure might be awful, but this loose rifle will definitely work for me and was less than USD20.

As @Scrib is into green rifles, I am into winter camo:

Looking forward to this already

Mini Times M011 NAVY SEALS Winter Combat Training

Very nice review. Thx a lot. I have the two multicam Versions and they are nice done. The same quality like your winter camo version. The only new part seems the front grip. Looks very cool. Not the level of Detail like E&S or SS but good for the price tag.
Btw: nice collection and the KV looks amazing.


I remember your post OSW now. You quite liked them and I was surprised there is another guy from Berlin!
Nice to look at as it might be the only multicam wood rifle I have seen so far. Thinking about picking that up either.
The Vectors are still for sale, if you wanna get one of these.


You got me :wink::smile:. A few more from Berlin and we could create our own subgroup :smile:. I like the Hk´s from Mini Times. The multicam paintjob is not brilliant and looks really hand painted but like you said, these are the only ones avaiable in that camo. Togehter wit a multicam Uniform from E&S and the matching sling they look really nice. I have changed the accessories and magazines for E&S ones.
I will make some photos of these and make a little review.


Here are two photos i had on my phone. This is the multicam Version with standard HK416 handguard:
M008-18-400 M008-18-COMP2


Will definitely buy one now and add some better quality accessories! Thanks for the pics!

Someone knows the exact name for that grip?


As far as i know - HK 416, MR556 Quad Rail Standard Length

and just the grip: HK416 grip shell, type 2


Sorry, I meant the rifle grip. I found a VFC Grip on Google, but there so many airsoft products out there that I never know if that is the real name or just a replica.



HK416 grip shell, type 2 or Battle Grip With Storage Compartment



Yeah VFC is an airsoft brand. The grip is either the the HK OEM V3 or V4 grip, they both basically look the same.






Oh wow…I didn’t know this did everything! I thought that it did nothing except the stock and a couple of other things…WOW!!!

Now I guess I have to change what I said over on the other thread…LOL!


Saw both your M011 rifles on ebay already :smile:


LOL! Did not know. Thank you for the info. I am still going to sell them, as many other parts of the Mini times. They are just not up to par for me. I am going to get the SS version.


I really like it, but the M009 silencer unfortunately doesn’t fit this M008 rifle, as it has a different muzzle.


Looks really cool with that foregrib. You could cut of the muzzle and add a different one. I have done this with E&S HK416 to use a different suppressor or try to change the barrel if possible.


Wow!!! That is very good!!! Very, very good!~