Mini Times HK416 M4 Weapon Sets


Well this is interesting and welcome! I do not think that I have played about with any of the Minitimes weapons before. For those of you who have, how is the quality and durability?

The ‘B’ version with its long Remington RAHG rail and unique Fortis SHIFT skeletonised grip particularly appeals. I can see one of these in a shopping cart in the not-too-distant future. The only question then would be how would I further customise her?

The only comments I’ve seen online were anecdotal and that they seemed solid enough. The quality should be somewhere between Very Hot and SuperMC Toys, being closer to the latter, as it is the same OEM production.

They look very nice and i think they will have the same quality like the ones from the “SIX” Figure series. I have these and they are good except for the attachment parts. I have seen the new sets at toystactics each for just under 19$. I think for this price you get good quality and a nice selection of different HK416 variants.

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Attachments are crap, but some barrel variations and the SHIFT foregrips are nice, like you said. Asking price and value is acceptable and so are the features. Only drawback might be the non-movable fire selector, but this could be due to a sloppy paintjob on mine. Also good that E&S and Soldier Story attachments fit the rails perfectly. Didn’t try DAM parts.
I have the M008 and M011 rifle and with high quality parts, they will do their job. Spring is even included, compared to a highly priced DAM exclusive figure!

Have tried it on mine too and the fire selector is not movable.

The shift foregrib is very cool looking but only available with set A,B and the Winter camo Version as i saw. Now i have to pay one of these to get this foregrib:smile:. I am more with the old style HK handguard.

anywhere have these yet all my usual place still have them for pre-order

Unfortunately retail links are not allowed, but I would imagine they should start showing up with dealers outside of China before too long as they have been available for a month or two now. Small accessories like this usually get combined with other figures before they get shipped overseas as they aren’t cost effective to ship on their own.

right on thanks AdamC

For under $19…you can’t go wrong. With E&S, DAM and SS weapons going for around $50…like I said, “you can’t go wrong.”

turkeyshot I think these will do very nicely for your builds. Granted, the quality is not going to be at the level of E&S, DAM and SS, but they are pretty good weapons.

And as far as attachments goes, get some superglue gel. Don’t attach until it is dry. Then attach. If you put to much on, get a set of jeweler file. Use the triangle shape.

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I have the two different HK416 in multicam camo from their first Seal Figures and they are quite good. Like you said for that money it is worth it.

Thanks for the feedback Dave! I have my eye on the long handguard and the Fortis grips.