Mini Times M011 NAVY SEALS Winter Combat Training

Head Sculpt
Articulated Body
Assault pack snow camo cover
Wild Things PCU jacket AOR1
Wild Things PCU trousers AOR1
VertxOverwhite suit
VertxOverwhite trousers
Military tent
Military sleeping bag
Extra-large Military-style Rucksack, Multicam Camo
First-SPEAR STT vest
LHT MOLLE Hydration Pouch (MultiCam)
PRC 148 Radio Pouch (MultiCam)
Grenade bag
Oakley snow goggles
Ops Core winter camo fast carbon helmet
AN/PVS-15 Night Vision Binocular
Tactical Gloved Hands (Brown)
Rifle Magazine Pouch x5 (MultiCam)
Pistol Magazine Pouch x2 (MultiCam)
P226 Pistol
P226 Holster (MultiCam)
HK416D Rifle (MultiCam)
MK17 Sniper rifle
Angle Grip
Scout Light with Low Profile Mount
Suppresor (MultiCam)
Rifle Sling (MultiCam)
Flashbang x2
Grenade x2
M62 Antitank grenade *2
Tri-Fold Restraint Plasticuffs x2 (Yellow)
Glowstick x3
AN/PRC 148 Radio
Peltor COMTEC II Headset
201 GPS
M22B Telescope
Satellite telephone
M49 observation telescope

After stating the obvious, that the whole figure is stolen from SS, the plate carrier from the DAM FBI and the binoculars from the DAM IDF, it’s bringing something new.
I like the idea with a tent and the foregrip of the 416.

It is…err…heavily inspired by Soldier Story. They have added some unique touches as well. The plate carrier is a different one from the FBI Crye JPC, this one looks like a FirstSpear model as they use that style connector to join the cummerbund to the front of the plate carrier. It like the Strandhogg (Easy Simple did this with their CIA SAD figure), but the front plate bag looks like a different profile. The grip is a Fortis Shift. We’ll see if Soldier Story announces something soon. They have also hinted at a WWII figure so hopefully that is a separate release.

Are you referring to the “Winter is coming” message?

Looks like sth different. They just announced this “June 6th 2018, the 74th D-Day Anniversary!”

If they are announcing the Winter SCAR figure, I would be happy though.

Looks to me like a chance to grab a “reasonable facsimile” of the SS NSW Winter Warfare Gunner. I would imagine Mini Times’ set would be less expensive than SS’s.

As for me, I don’t particularly like winter camoed figures. This may be a loose piece buy: plate carrier, belt and pouches.

There’s also the MC Toys USMC Snow Marpat uniform set, which would need a body, sculpt, and weapon(s), and goes for about $100 +.
The MINITIMES sculpt looks like a mature Adam Baldwin, which would allow a variety of uses. An older ‘Animal Mother’, Jayne Cobb, Mike Slattery, and other possible characters.

As for winter camo, I like a few, to stand out against the various temperate, and arid uniforms. I’ve been wondering if DAM might do a Russian or FSR soldier in over whites.

MCToys previewed a Russian winter soldier
some time ago at the 2017 Shanghai Comic Con.

Looks pretty good, very much like previous images of the Russian airborne guys in winter exes. Thanks, chpo.

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The old 21st Century Toys winter camo uniform is also quite similar to this one but the fit would not be as ample unless you used an older DML figure.

Good chance for me to get the goggles now. Other than that a pass. Halo, Scuba and Winter guys just have too much gear to place on and not make them look like paper weights.

They look decent, but make sure Minitimes stole them 100% from Soldier Story, otherwise wait for SS’s second winter soldier release in probably mid 2019. It’s not even announced yet.
I just experienced a lot of releases from these average quality companies lately that shined through good preview pics, but didn’t deliver. However, if you are not obsessed with these little details like me, these goggles might probably fit their purpose.
Anyone experience with Minitimes?

I have a few loose pieces from them. Their quality is about on par with Very Hot or slightly better. The brand is positioned as a slightly more upscale Very Hot. Don’t expect anything fancy for weapons or consistent QC. Cloth stuff like clothing tends to have below average/average stitching . Other than the average design the main thing that sticks out for me is the coloration of their fabrics/materials which seems a bit subdued. They pick some neat pieces to make from time to time. I’m interested to see what material they have used for the Vertx overwhites here.

In general there is a pretty big gulf in quality between Soldier Story/DAM, then Easy Simple and others. That said everyone produces some surprisingly nice pieces from time to time (the Very Hot Last figure had a really nicely done jacket for example). Usually the price points reflect that, but everyone is trying to raise their prices now which makes things a bit confusing. MT are priced around $100 USD in China, but like anything else, by the time they make their way through the distributor merry go round and go outside of China the price raises to somewhere closer to $130-140 at which point the price might seem a bit high.

Updated with parts list.

Despite this figure carrying the same retail price in RMB as previous Minitimes figures, some have decided this should be marked at a DAM/Soldier Story price point representing an increase of $30+ for no particular reason.

@davinator65 picked this up recently. I believe his opinion was the weapons were quite poor by today’s standards.

Yeah I read that as well. Sucks to be so disappointed when spending that amount of money.

I just ordered the 416 loose to have a winter camo rifle with a new and unique foregrip. Will change some parts to make it more appealing, but that sounds a bit discouraging.
One guy on OSW once mentioned that he got the Mini Times 416 with woodland camo and was happily surprised about the quality. Strangely, he was even German. Probably a rare one that didn’t care about detail :smile:

They want $160 at Monkey Depot… Well… Anyways I got this. The weapons were very, very disappointing! Very disappointing… It is just a mold. The only thing that moves on the sniper gun is the tripod (does not extend out), scope covers, front sight, and stock…That is it! Not even charging handle or THE MAGAZINE COMES OUT!!! The M4 is not much better. Charging handle works and so does the stock, that is about it. The only weapon that is any good is the pistol. Mag come outm hammer works, but the slide does not go all the way back. The guy does not even have a t-shirt underneath both jackets. Molded boots. The vest and clothing seems nice though. But in all honesty, I didn’t buy it for the weapons or the vest and clothing. I bought this for the tent and sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is done well. As for the tent…well the tent itself is fine, but the metal rods…DON’T FOLD UP!
The vest is cool. You will see what I mean about “cool…” I don’t know, but I think I am going to take a loss on this and sell it for parts.

I have to say, this was a real disappointment for me… I have to say that I have bought mini times before and was quite pleasantly surprised with the quality. But for me…this one is a bomb…

I really just want that AOR inner shell, as I missed the earlier Soldier Story NSW winter gunner when it was being parted out.

The original MSRP in China was ~$90 USD. At that price the quality would be what you would expect and is reasonable enough. Unfortunately the US distributor thought they could get away with charging Soldier Story prices for this set. This is part of what is killing this hobby. You can’t just make up nonsense prices on lower quality poducts as it just encourages others to do the same on everything else. Short sighted profiteering as it’s worst.

Adam, how good is your distributor regarding pricing? Better than the US distributor is the sense I’m getting.

Any word on whether the SS expo exclusive will be allocated to you, or is it too early to tell? I’d like to lock down that rifle sooner rather than later.