Mini Times M012 Seal Team Navy Special Forces - A

Fictitious head carving
COO movable body
Glove hand
Shooting mirror
MK17 rifle
Holographic mirror
Laser and wire control
Vertical grip
7.62 rifle magazine
Digital camouflage painting MP7 micro punch
Digital Camouflage T1 Sight
Digital camouflage laser
Digital camouflage silencer
Digital camouflage flashlight
Mp7 magazine
Digital camouflage painted P226 pistol
Pistol magazine
NCPC vest
7.62 magazine bag
Sundries bag
Radio package
Double pistol magazine
TACO magazine bag
V1 leg hanging board
C2 headphones and radio
Digital camouflage holster
Flash bomb
Butterfly hand thorn
Single point gun belt
Digital camouflage combat uniform
Solomon Solid Combat Boots
Digital camouflage helmet
AN/PVS-15 night vision

Retail price in China is $79.99 for a point of reference.

Also if I am understanding some previous posts, they are now using a COO Model body and as I recall those are fairly well regarded as a basic base body.

$80, that’s not bad at all.

Interesting to see how the SCAR will turn out. Most likely no replacement for the SS076A though.