Mini Times M013 Seal Team Navy Special Forces - B


Head Sculpt
Articulated body
Mechanix M-Pact
Tactical Boots
Strike Glasses
HK416 Rifle
Tango Grip
Scout Light with Low Profile Mount
MK17 Suppressor (Black)
P226 Pistol
HK416 Magazine *4
Pistol Magazine Pouch *2
First-SPEAR STT vest
Sundries bag
PRC 148 Radio Pouch (MultiCam)
Peltor COMTEC II Headset
P226 Holster (MultiCam)
Grenade *2
Tactical Knife
G3 Shirt (MultiCam)
G3 Pants (MultiCam)
Tactical Boot/Fe
FAST Maritime Helmet (AOR1)
GPNVG-18 Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles
LHT MOLLE Hydration Pouch (MultiCam)
Tri-Fold Restraint Plasticuffs x2 (Yellow) *2
Glowstick *3
Hel-Star 6
Flashbang *2
Oxygen Tank
Oxygen tank pouch
GENTEX MBU-20/P Oxygen Mask

Wonder if anyone has it? Any comments?

I have this one. What do you want to ask? Overall a decent set, no real complaints (except they left the pistol out of my box at the factory level). Came in a bunch of plastic bags instead of the nice layouts of the other brands.

You can tell the plastic used in the material is a bit cheaper and lower quality than the big brands. But overall everything works well and looks good, just about 10 to 20 percent ‘cheaper’ than my other models (no idea how else to describe it, nor can I pinpoint why it feels that way). Hope this helps!


Yes. It does. I was wondering about the dog and accessories. I have several minitimes and can’t complain especially with the Alex and seal team m012 figures. This seems a little bit annoying due fabric boots and so, as well as the parachute itself.

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I got the dog harness and the black multicam trousers. I am really
surprised about the quality. I know the stuff from older Minitmes Figures but these items are good. Not on the same level like Damtoys or Soldier Story fabric but good done. I love the black multicam camo pattern from Minitimes. Looks fantastic and a little bit faded. The material is a little bit shiny but i will give it a wash in the sink. The knee pads have good Detail too. You can not remove them. They are glued to the fabric.
The harness for the dog is great done. Many buckles and belts. You have one tiny zipper on each side. Works very well. The harness fits the German Shepherd from Soldier Story SDU Figure (SS097) too. Looks great now together with the muzzle. The plastic buckles hold pressure very well but i dont want to try how sturdy it really is. The small “bag” on top is held in place by velcro and is fixed with buckles too.