Mini Times M017 SEAL HALO


Head Sculpt
Articulated body
Mechanix M-Pact
Strike Glasses
Battle Boots
G3 Shirt
G3 Pants
NCPC—‘Navy CAGE Plate Carrier’
PRC 148 Radio Pouch (MultiCam)
Sundries bag
LHT MOLLE Hydration Pouch (MultiCam)
Tactical Knife
HK416 Rifle
Tango Grip
Scout Light with Low Profile Mount
Suppressor (Black)
P226 Pistol
HK416 Magazine x4
Pistol Magazine Pouch x2
P226 Holster (MultiCam)
Peltor COMTEC II Headset
PRC 148 Radio
Rifle Sling x2 (MultiCam)
FAST Maritime Helmet
GPNVG-18 Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles
Tri-Fold Restraint Plasticuffs(Yellow) x2
Glowstick x3
Hel-Star x6
Flashbang x2
Oxygen Tank
Oxygen tank pouch
GENTEX MBU-20/P Oxygen Mask
Grenade x2

This may very well be my first Mini Times figure. Of course we’ve all read comments about the brand been plagued with quality issues, so I’m not going to say it’s a definite buy. Would need to see some feedback on it once the figure is released before I decide.

Having said that, this is a nice release. The uniform and helmet seem to fit well, the vest and pouches look well-made, and the rifle appears quite decent. This figure is the first female SEAL (if such a thing existed in the real world) and the first HALO female parachutist. Years ago Hot Toys did a female USMC paratrooper (USMC 3rd Force Service Support Group) but it was a static-line parachute, not free-fall. If I buy this I’d ditch the parachute anyway; I’ve never liked them since in my opinion they limit the figure’s poseability.

As far as the head, I see a bit of Emma Watson in it.

All in all, it’s a big maybe for me. Will have to wait for the jury’s verdict…

Possibly a fanboy construct, but the use of females in some SF operations means to me that, “never say never”. She might be operating with SEALs, in a specialty application, numbers of non-trident earners have. Branch of service? Dunno.

Yep, looks like Emma Watson - Hermione goes HALO… There are reports that DEVGRU’s Black Squadron, tasked with intelligence gathering, surveillance etc. employs female operators. That should at least permit her to wear AOR1, right?
It’s also great that she has a proper uniform and plate carrier not some war-bunny half-clothes.
Might get the figure, too. And also ditch the chute and HALO gear. Probably cheaper than buying loose parts, these days…