Mini Times M019 Mountain Warrior

Parts List:

Head carving
Movable body

Tactical glove hand
FSN95 boots
Arab scarves
Desert camouflage hat Ben Nepal
Desert camouflage BDU shirt
Desert camouflage BDU pants
AK Chest Rig chest hang

P300 cold catching fleece

CQB belt
Desert colors flag Chapter
AN / PRC-148 MBITR stations
M9 hand gun
Pistol sleeve
SOPMOD M4 step gun
AN / PEQ-5 CVL visible light laser designator
AN / PEQ-2 infrared laser pointer
ACOG TA01 pointing mirror
Gun lamp
5.56MM 30 round magazine X 7
Grenade X 4

Light stick X 2
Single point gun strap

Horse harness list ( included in section B )
Complete set of reins saddle
Saddle bag *2


At least Mini Times is trying to introduce no items like tents, ladders and horses.
I am quite happy with their overall rifle quality. So they are welcome releasing new figures.

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Cool Figure and nice adaption from the movie. The good old Special Forces days and the look is always cool. Nothing really new but the details are looking good to me and we get a Special Forces Horse :smile:. The Horse has nice Details. I am curiuos
how it will look in reality. More for 2001-2003 but many parts can ve used for PMS too. I am not sure about the body armor and gloves but i think a Spear BALCS Body Armor and Nomex flight gloves would be better for that time frame? All in all a very nice Figure.

The set doesn’t include the horse, but only the saddle and harness!

True, missed that on my phone screen. Then this set is highly disappointing. It’s quite close to wrong advertising for my liking, although it’s stated.

great looking set. From 12 Strong I believe?

Nooooo. Good to know. Would be too cool. Thank you for the info i missed.

You have to spend about 100 for the Figure and 60 for the Horse :smile:

I had the same thought concerning gloves and armor. When did Mechanix become en vogue with the SF community?! Anyway, I think it’s a nice set even without a horse. The 1/6 one-piece horses always look too “Barbie” for my taste, anyway…
And the gloved and vest can easily be changed.

Huh, well this is a pretty cool looking release. Lots of nice pieces from the looks of it.

Covering the early-war SF look may appeal to those who don’t have any similar figures, or as an upgrade. I haven’t seen the movie, don’t know if the loadout is based on that?
The carbine and optics, not sure, tho these guys tend to be at the front of the queue for high speed stuff.
The limited pictures leave me with the initial reaction of, “that is one big-ass hat…”.

What service branch does this guy represent, or is he CIA SAD?

I thought they were ODA guys, who took to horseback, early in the war.

“De Oppresso Liber”

Not overly keen on the sculpt, DAM are making the best these days IMO.

I think it’s supposed to resemble Chris Hemsworth, but with enough vague features to avoid legal issues.

It is based at the Movie 12 Strong and the actor was Chris Hemsworth. I think it is a good headsculpt.

I would say first is Hot Toys in reference to likeness and Dam is close in quality. I think too they make really good headsculpts. Also DiD has some fantastic sculpts like the WW2 U.S. Combat Medic. One of the best in 1/6 for me.

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Wow this sculpt is awesome

And this is how the headsculpt looks in hand too and not only at promo shots. I have this one and love it.

DID has some good head sculpts, the SAS figure is another great one. Their heads are a bit weird material-wise though, not quite like the typical PVC head.