Mini Times M022 Sino-Vietnamese War 2.0

Hand shape X5
GK80 Helmet
Style 81 double camouflage
Sportswear tops
Tactical vest
PLA Type 65 Vintage Liberation Shoes Boots
Grenade Pouch
Telescope bag
Leggings X2
PLA 65 Type Canteen Army Green
TYPE 54 TT Tokarev Pistol Leather Holster
Type 54 Tokarev Leather Pistol Ammo Pouch
Type 54 Pistol
Magazine X2
Type 56 assault rifle
Magazine X4
Grenade with a wooden handle X4
82-1 Anti-tank grenade X9

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This is a buy - interesting subject SINO war. Just really refreshing to see something non-western & from the 70’s. Reminds me of images from my Men at Arms books when a kid. Would love to see a Selouse Scout, from Rhodesian army circa 70’s…add to wish list.

Nice camo & equipment …and a flag what’s not to like lol

Just wish DamToys or even E&s would have done this figure. Mini Times ok, they just tend to lack that final polish - 4 me.

I’ll confess I have a weakness for this conflict, too. I grabbed their M015 figure, which is a basic “cadre” infantryman. Like BigD points out, their figures are maybe a bit simpler in some details, than the bigger brands. Still, the sculpts aren’t bad, and stuff like this camo suit, and the assault vest are pretty nice.
The “antitank grenade” they show, is ID’d in some sources as a Chinese 82-1 fragmentation grenade, which may have showed up in Iraq (along with other PLA ordnance). The earlier Soldier Story figure, which this new figure mirrors a lot, had a similar grenade (dark body - plastic? - w/ screw cap and friction fuse igniter), whic I recall they referred to as “suicide grenade”.

As said before, these PLA figures should be reciprocated with PAVN and Vietnamese militia figures.