Mini Times M024 SWAT 2.0

Here is the list of parts:
Head Sculpt
Articulated body
Blue Tactical Shirt
Blue Tactical Pants
Black Tactical Belt
Black Tactical Boots
Black Mechanix Gloves
Black FAST Helmet
Black Plate Carrier System
Panoramic Night Vision Goggles
M-Frame Ballistic Glasses
AN/PRC MBITR Radio with PTT and Earpiece
HK-416 Rifle
PMag Rifle Magazines x4
Angled Foregrip
Rifle IR Illuminator
Red Dot Scope
Rifle Sling
M1911 Pistol
M1911 Holster
Pistol Magazine Pouch x5
Black Hatch XTAK Knee Pads
Black “Taco” Rifle Mag Pouches x3
Black “Taco” Pistol Mag Pouches x2
Patch Assortment
Black Radio Pouch
Black Water Blade Pouch
Black Horizontal GP Pouch
antitank grenade x4

Thanks for posting this. The shoothouse is super cool! The prices seem quite reasonable too.

Can’t tell if the body is narrow, or the head large.


lol, you’re right. One of the two is definitely off.

Haha. I have a minitimes figure and their heads are really super huge.

The shoot house is an awesome idea and I’ll most likely add that. The figure though is a hard pass. E&S did a much better LAPD SWAT and it’s in my collection. The head or body is off and not much in the way of equipment.

The shoothouse looks cool. Could such a setup also be used in a military CQB setting? Reason I’m asking is that I had the idea of displaying my DEVGRU team in there. It’s being offered at ebay for a reasonably price. Does anybody have any Information about the size/measures?

A figure is about 12" and the rooms are kind of square. The doorframe is slightly lower than one wall element of the house. Would estimate 15" length for one wall element.

Disproportionately large heads is, among quite a few others, a permanent problem with Mini Times…


Thanks for the educated guess. That would make it about 40 cm metric per wall. Guess I’ll have to get my ruler…

I’ve always considered using a Barbie doll house as a shoot house like this, or making my own out of cardboard. But it looks like that will no longer be necessary. I do wonder if the inclusion of stairs might hint at more floors being released in the future, That can connect to this “ground floor” via the slots at the top of the walls. Beyond serving as a shoot house, I think that it can be customized to resemble an actual house, like the one from Zero dark thirty. In which case enemies (whether real or simulated) and furniture can be placed into the house.

As for how it can be used by military figures, I could definitely see someone making a stop motion short of a 1/6 scale tier 1 team doing a practice run in that shoot house. Taking the photos would likely be an issue, given the sizes of the house and the figures. But I imagine that there are ways around such issues, given the fact that movies like Coraline and Island of Dogs were able to be made.

Wow, you’re all right about the head… buddy looks like Gary from team America, almost. Nice shoot house though.

There is also a separate set coming with more parts:

Maybe they accidentally used a female body.