Mini Times M028 US Army Special Force

New Figure from Minitimes. Looks realls good with some nice parts. Especially the AT-4 is very cool!


Oh no, not another HALO!
The AT-4 is cool, indeed! Some nice loose parts, like the helmet and maybe the uniform, JPC, and the gloves look good!

I picked up the MiniTimes HALO SEAL (the one with the yellow and black actual parachute) when it first came out out of curiosity. It was ok. If you have ever had a Soldier Story or Damtoys figure it might be a little disappointing, but if you are just starting out or on a budget, it is decent enough. I kept a few parts and passed the rest of it along (left it in a box on the curb and someone picked it up).

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Could make for a good army builder, like most of Minitime’s other figures.

This guy looks pretty good. Uniform, helmet, pack all nice. I picked up one of their 416s and was happy with the quality. I was expecting the level of old Very Hot Toys that exploded into pieces as soon as you touched them :rofl:

That’s the type of m/C I am looking for to biuld a modern day Aussie s.a.s bash. Does anyone have any idea on a release date. Or does anyone recommend an other brand that looks similar to this one. Cheers

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I have only read it should be Q4 2021.

Cheers, thanks mate for that info

I haven’t been hugely impressed with Minitimes stuff. But this one is ticking off a lot of boxes.

I am diggin everything but the SCAR. Nice to see they got the colour of the Specter correct. Multicam still looks a bit funky. But I am diggin the plate carrier.

Is it just me, or is that the same parachute that was outdated 10 years ago?

Is this the same mold for the AT-4/M136 that Soldier Story used for that exclusive Army figure in ACU?

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Seems like they’ve tackled the “big head” problem, as well. The SCAR is really redundant. One of their better offers, if the actual product matches the promo pics.

Very nice figure - equipment/loadout V price = good value (to me). Love the look of AT4 - defo look to get one as parts. I just hope fig is as good as it looks when it arrives on my doorstep later this year (I hope - global melt down etc)

General feelings/comments on MiniTime figs;

Their Navy Seal winter combat figure was/is good. Soldier Story winter version better. But when I was looking at them both, quality divide was not as great as I was expecting. More evidence of SS slipping down rankings?

Picked up 3 x Navy Seal Team six figures years ago, not bad. Again low price point made up for lack of polish on various things (weapons/webbing/uniform/body). Bodies can be wobbly - U may want to buy parts & use another body, I buy whole fig as so cheap, leaves me with a basic spare body for kitbash, easy sorting out wobbles. Like most manufactures they re-use parts, always get the dual radio set up. One figure however was very wobbly and uniform really washed out. To this day still not sure if I bought a knock off. However, I am not aware of this activity in 1/6 scale. Nothing discussions on forums.

Weapons are decent, on the plastic side - shinny n scratchy sometimes - U can always re-paint or hit with a wash/weathering, to enhance weapon - rather do this on a cheap weapon than high end Damtoy.

I was pleased with their sino Vietnamese war figures Not purchased any of their modern Chinese figures but would expect them to follow the trend of being well priced solid figures, but not Damtoy level.

For me Minitimes in same pool as Flagset…slightly better actually as Flagset recent releases have really disappointed me (parts only in the future for me).


Well put! Frankly, I think it would a good idea to make some sort of tier list for 1/6 military manufacturers based on quality, detail, and how quickly their respective products come out, among other factors. Not only would such a list be helpful for newcomers to the hobby, but making it could also be fun for more veteran members. Not entirely sure how it could be made, but if pressed I’d imagine that data could be gathered from one or more community polls to calculate individual scores based on those aforementioned categories. Placement then would be decided on those scores.

Dude I reckon that is a great idea

I always thought lower quality figures (detailed but with lesser moving parts) would make a comeback but I guess it’s easier to just copy other people’s molds & designs and make cheap figures.

I guess we’re all spoiled weapons-wise, moving charging handles, selector switches, possible disassembly. Would be hard to go backwards from that and alway seem like a disappointment, at least for me.
Same old, but accessory sets w/o bodies and heads could offer a cost-effective alternative.

I’ll take a rocket! But everything else is eh. And a SCAR? Little behind the times.

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Is the mk17 no longer used by SF? I didn’t know that. Do they have a new 7.62 platform?

Only nominally it seems as a DMR, and not really as an assaulter’s weapon like with this figure. M110 and M4 variants seem to still be the preeminent rifles for such purposes.

I think an URG-I would have hit the mark here!