Mini Times M031 Shooting Range


That is pretty cool! I wish 1/6 had a better selection of scenery or set pieces. The few that have come out are typically gone from the marketplace pretty quick.


I dig it. I’ll probably have to get one to add to my armoury build.

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Nice! Inspired by LittleArmory I presume?

Hopefully a weapons rack sets followed by DIY weapon sets would come out in the future.

Really appreciate these type of diorama/display pieces. I ended up pre-ordering “3” of them, as the price was quite reasonable. I’m tempted to bash a mini me to display in one of these diorama pieces… :wink:

Yeah definitely down for this. I love my dio build,s so I’ll be in for 3 for sure ( mind is racing already).

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Seems like they omitted all numbers from 11 to 65. Textures are rough and it’s not top quality but for less than 20 it will do and the stickers gonna cover some of the surface anyway. Will need some more items like bullets etc to stage it and all in all quite a good prop. Will go for a second one indeed to connect them but that will be it. I always tend to forget how large 1/6 scale items will actually turn out


Thanks for the quick review, chpo.

Really strange that they short-changed the numbers, considering that they appear on the prototype pics.

Do you think it would benefit from a quick spray painting from a can or even airbrush? I was already thinking of doing that.

Hopefully the three that I ordered will ship soon.

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With a little work, one of these might come up really nice. Will keep an eye out for decent deals on these.

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As @turkeyshot is more experienced in this matter, I would trust him. Here a quick shot of the material for better understanding. It’s the connector if you want to attach these boots to each other and also more handy to take images of, but same material. Cheap plastic and painted in this shiny coat.

In the end, still a nice product in my opinion. Looking forward to what some of you will make out if it with some additonal work.

By the way, the pane is not made from sturdy plastic, but elastic thinner one. Close to the transparent lids DAM is using to cover their plastic trays in boxed figures, slightly thicker though.


I am no expert on airbrushing by any stretch of the imagination, so I am not so sure if your trust in me is well placed on this topic :blush:.

That said, a little effort can go a long way. Some of the reference images that I have seen of these sorts of shooting ranges are generally very well maintained and show little variation or weathering. Using some reference pics as a guide, you might be able to add a little colour variation to some of the different panels. Perhaps the best way to really make this come to life would be to add some textures to the different surfaces to better represent rubber, metal, etc. Of course also to scatter a whole bunch of spent shell casings about, add some extra target sheets, a spare pistol or 2, etc.

I look forward to seeing what you can come up with. Be sure to share some pics of your progress.


MATE! I can not wait to receive mine i ordered 2 and have a great diorama in mind. Using ad ons for texture, repaint some parts and bits and pieces for details should be awesome. I will definitely take photos of the wip.