Mini Times MK17 Weapon Sets


Now we will get them for reasonable prices i think.

They should be available at the $20-25 price range. I haven’t tried one of their SCARs so not sure how their quality compares but at half the price of recent options it does give customers a chance for a lower priced alternative.

I pay 54€ for a MK17 set from Generals´s Armory and 34€ for a set from Easy&Simple. Same quality and production. The new Minitimes sets will cost about 25€ and they do not look bad. So i think it is good to have three Manufactures with that weapons. Especially the EGLM. I have the older HK416 from Minitimes in Multicam and they are quite good/OK. Not the same Level like E&S for sure but the price is ok for what you get like you said. The new Minitmes MK Weapons do not look like a piece of junk. I will buy one of the Minitimes MK17 set with EGLM and than i can compare it with my E&S/MSE MK17 with EGLM. The GA one should be the same like E&S i think.

I hope for you Minitimes does not a copy. That would be very

:smile: Let The Games Begin :+1:.

Im still waiting to find the HK 416 sets anywhere GS/ES quality is great but not all of us have the money to drop on weapons that cost as much as they (dealers) have to charge. is there room for cheaper uniforms and weapons even accessories in this hobby ? I think so IMO and what happened to the GS/ES new lova sets all my usual places are a no show with them IS THERE A SECRET PLACE FOR SUCH THINGS LOL

I have these available now. Give me a shout and let me know what you are looking for.

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thanks AdamC didnt know if you were going to carry them or not