Minitimes Seal Team Preview

Just a few pics of this one so far, but it looks like they have finished with SIX and are moving on to the Seal Team show. Here is the first figure.

Looks ok. Six was actually cancelled by the History Channel so we won’t be seeing a season 3, maybe that’s the reason for the move.

I like the vest and holster. I do not own any Minitimes pieces. Generally, how is the quality?

Not too great from what I’ve seen. Maybe this will be an improvement.

Can vary from piece to piece. In general somewhere between Very Hot and Magic Cube level. I find the fabric materials and coloration a notch down but of the pieces I have picked up I have been happy with them. No experience with their weapons or various plastic molded parts. At the price they sell for in China they are good value, but the US distributor tax puts them at a level where I don’t think the artificially pumped up price reflects the quality.

@Suicide_Commando and @AdamC,

Thanks for the replies. That is good to know. May tread carefully when these come out.