Mk18 cqbr question

Not to ask too many questions but when did devgru really stop using the mk18 mod 0? Was thinking of doing a bash centered around this particular rifle, I’ve always loved the a2 gas block look more than the flat top

Delta Force field tested and use the HK416 since 2004. So i think DEVGRU would have it too in 2004. Officially the production time for the HK416 is listed with February 2005 after some
improvements. DEVGRU is the Elite of the Elite and so they use what they need and fits the Job best. They mainly use the HK416 but other SEAL teams use also MK18 mod 0, mod 1, MK17, 416, 417, MP7, and the mk12 mod 0 or whatever does the Job.

Delta field tested and used the HK416 before DEVGRU because they were directly involved in it’s development. The HK416 came to DEVGRU in limited quantities around 2006. Here are two pictures showing DEVGRU operators with a HK416 for the first time.

DEVGRU operator doing PSD for President Bush in 2006

SEAL Marc Owen with his teammates in 2006. You can see one HK416 and five (!) M4 with CQBR.

But the M4s with CQBR were still in limited use after the adoption of the HK416. Often modified with GG&G Free Float Tactical Forearms.

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Perfect Markus. Good to know and to have an expert here :+1::slightly_smiling_face:.