MK22 MOD 0 Advanced Sniper Rifle

What’s the difference to an MRAD?

From some quick googling:

The civilian version at $6145 is much different from the $16670 MK22 Deployment kit. $500 Pelican 1770 case (not $200 1750); custom case interior; the three barrels have the AC338 muzzle brake adapter for the Barrett suppressor; includes soft case, precision rifle sling, suppressor cover all by Tom Fuller’s Armageddon Gear; vertically adjustable butt pad (in addition to cheek piece); long promised toggle bolt disassembly; captive bolt pin; 15 magazines; parts kit; cable style cleaning kit; rigid cleaning rod; two bore guides; 10MIL scope rail vs 20MOA civilian; fixed 2.5# trigger; Cereokte #190 finish on rifle and three barrels; heaping measure of Tacticool…and Chris and Ronnie Barrett’s retirement installments…[image] [image] [image] Not an apples to apples price comparison.
You also get M-LOK on the MK22 rail instead of the proprietary accessory rail on the civilian MRAD. A 4" rail kit on Barrett’s website costs $80. Looking at the picture, it looks like it comes with 2 in a kit. I would estimate that you would need 9 of the 4" rail pieces to fill out the whole rail. So that is a $400 value right there.